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7th Witney Chess Congress Intermediate

Last update 03.11.2019 18:34:02, Creator/Last Upload: pseudorandom

Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

13Watson Darrell AENG141Bourne End4,0
12Macarthur Duncan MENG134Keynsham4,0
24Sieczkowski AdamPOL120Witney Chess Club4,0
41Gentry Alan EENG143Witney3,5
7Stevens GarethENG138Cumnor3,5
13Eadie Luke WENG132None3,5
76Homer Neil SENG138The Pitstop3,0
17Cole David MENG126Surbiton3,0
23Francis JoelENG120Stroud3,0
25Acharya KandaraENG116North Bristol3,0
118Willow Hambel MENG138Newcastle Under-Lyme2,5
9Friend PaulENG136None2,5
10Uski VilleENG136Didcot2,5
18Rajesh BhramavENG126None2,5
152O'Byrne DannyENG143Check Innmates2,0
4Williams StephenWLS141Cwmbran2,0
11Langham Rod EENG135Oxford City2,0
15Seymour PaulENG130Staines2,0
20Timbrell MatthewENG124Bath2,0
21Mahmood RaqeebENG122None2,0
26Zhu FengENG111None2,0
225Dove PeterENG139Newbury1,5
14Hobson KennethENG132Oxfordshire Juniors1,5
16Keeling DavidENG128Cowley1,5
19Rayner HugoENG126Witney1,5
27Murawski JanENG102St Joseph’s1,5
2722Corbett Michael JENG120Aylesbury Chess Club1,0
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