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3rd Premium International C U1600

Last update 24.11.2019 13:55:34, Creator/Last Upload: 700290miklosorsoia

Player overview for SVK

13Joba Arpad2074SVK011½103,5822052021,20Premium A
9Meszaros Casey Ryan1305SVK½½11014,06124140-25,60Premium C

Results of the last round for SVK

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
Joba Arpad2074 0 - 1 FMPasti Aron2103
Bod Marton10963 0 - 13 Meszaros Casey Ryan1305

Player details for SVK

Joba Arpad 2074 SVK Rp:2205 Pts. 3,5
11FMOrosz Andras2312HUN5,0s 00,20-0,2020-4,00
220Bilku Andras1974HUN3,5w 10,640,36207,20
316Demjen Mark2040HUN2,5s 10,550,45209,00
43FMWeiss Oliver2257GER2,5w ½0,260,24204,80
55IMSarosi Zoltan2199HUN3,0s 10,330,672013,40
69FMPasti Aron2103HUN4,5w 00,46-0,4620-9,20
Meszaros Casey Ryan 1305 SVK Rp:1241 Pts. 4,0
123Szaloki Arpad1003HUN3,0w ½0,85-0,3540-14,00
28Szarvas Nora1313HUN2,5s ½0,490,01400,40
325Rigoczki Balazs0HUN3,0w 1
424Mesko Bertalan Dr.0HUN3,0s 1
512Hangay Tibor1283HUN5,0w 00,53-0,5340-21,20
619Bod Marton1096HUN3,0s 10,770,23409,20