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Last update 09.11.2019 09:56:03, Creator: vlanandh,Last Upload: delhi chess association

Starting rank crosstable

No.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts.Rk. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1WIMPriyanka Nutakki2272IND 60b1 32w1 16b½ 14w1 25b1 11w½ 10b0 18w1 20b1 2w0 8b07,0170,073,579,0
2WIMArpita Mukherjee2234IND 61w1 31b1 17w1 11b0 23w1 13b1 3w1 9b0 26w½ 1b1 14b½8,020,074,580,0
3WIMAakanksha Hagawane2227IND 62b1 34w1 21b1 12w1 11b½ 29w1 2b0 16w1 9w1 6b0 17w½8,030,074,079,0
4WFMMakhija Aashna2191IND 63w1 33b1 25w0 19b0 61w1 57b1 37w1 15b1 10w½ 17b0 27w06,5250,069,074,0
5WIMChitlange Sakshi2185IND 64b1 36w1 22b1 25w½ 19b0 20w½ 33b1 11w1 7b½ 26w1 10b½8,050,071,575,5
6WFMPandey Srishti2140IND 65w1 35b1 27w1 29b0 33w1 15b1 19w1 10b½ 17w1 3w1 9b½9,010,073,078,5
7WCMSharma Isha2139IND 66b1 38w½ 44b½ 40w½ 50b1 30w1 20b½ 12w½ 5w½ 19b1 13w07,0210,068,574,0
8WFMSalonika Saina2100IND 67w1 37b1 29w0 39b1 27w1 16b½ 22w1 17b0 25w1 13b½ 1w18,060,071,076,5
9WFMBommini Mounika Akshaya2087IND 68b1 40w1 24b1 30w1 29b½ 19w½ 11b1 2w1 3b0 10w½ 6w½8,040,073,079,0
10Priyanka K2067IND 69w1 39b0 51w1 43b1 37w1 53b1 1w1 6w½ 4b½ 9b½ 5w½8,090,068,073,5
11Toshali V2057IND 70b1 42w1 28b1 2w1 3w½ 1b½ 9w0 5b0 37w1 20b½ 34w17,5110,072,577,5
12WFMSavitha Shri B2004IND 71w1 43b1 39w1 3b0 53w0 59b1 45w1 7b½ 22w0 56b1 23w17,5150,063,567,0
13Bhagyashree Patil1970IND 72b1 44w½ 38b1 16w½ 26b1 2w0 34b½ 30w1 18b1 8w½ 7b18,080,069,074,0
14WFMPotluri Supreetha1968IND 73w1 45b½ 57w1 1b0 38w1 25b0 77w1 32b1 40w1 22b1 2w½8,0100,064,069,5
15Ghosh Samriddhaa1964IND 74b1 46w1 30b0 42w1 34b1 6w0 54b1 4w0 39b1 28w½ 25w½7,0220,065,570,0
16WFMBidhar Rutumbara1942IND 75w1 47b1 1w½ 13b½ 57w1 8w½ 29b1 3b0 56w½ 23b0 50w17,0190,069,074,0
17WFMJain Nityata1927IND 76b1 48w1 2b0 44w1 30b½ 40w1 56b1 8w1 6b0 4w1 3b½8,070,070,075,0
18WFMTanishka Kotia1909IND 77w1 49b½ 45w½ 47b½ 55w1 35b1 25w1 1b0 13w0 31w1 26b06,5300,064,069,0
19Shah Vishwa1892IND 78b1 50w½ 54b1 4w1 5w1 9b½ 6b0 20w0 53b1 7w0 60b17,0200,069,074,0
20Meenal Gupta1879IND 79w1 51b½ 49w½ 45b1 85w1 5b½ 7w½ 19b1 1w0 11w½ 28b17,5130,065,069,5
21Ishvi Aggarwal1854IND 80b1 52w1 3w0 49b½ 47w0 55b1 43w1 26b0 34b0 59w1 40b½6,0450,060,565,0
22Poorna Sri M.K1848IND 81w1 53b1 5w0 55b½ 49w1 47b1 8b0 34w1 12b1 14w0 29b17,5120,067,072,0
23WFMGreeshma Anand Dhumal1837IND 82b1 54w½ 50b½ 46w1 2b0 56w0 61b1 48w1 57b1 16w1 12b07,0230,063,067,5
24Nanditha V1828IND 83w1 55b1 9w0 53b0 64w1 73b½ 47w1 40b0 38w1 34b0 65w16,5360,059,063,0
25WCMArushi Kotwal1756IND 84b1 56w1 4b1 5b½ 1w0 14w1 18b0 60w1 8b0 40w1 15b½7,0180,069,574,5
26AGMRenganayaki V1756IND 85w1 57b0 65w1 59b1 13w0 75b1 53w1 21w1 2b½ 5b0 18w17,5140,064,569,0
27Divyabharathi Masanam1743IND 86b1 58w1 6b0 48w1 8b0 46w½ 40b0 59w1 44b1 54w1 4b17,5160,061,565,5
28Garima Gaurav1719IND 87w1 59b1 11w0 57b0 65w1 77b0 63w1 49b1 85w1 15b½ 20w06,5350,059,564,0
29WCMChinnam Vyshnavi1689IND 88b1100w1 8b1 6w1 9w½ 3b0 16w0 56b0 45w1 47b1 22w06,5240,070,073,0
30Rathi Dhanashree1688IND 89w1119b1 15w1 9b0 17w½ 7b0 73w1 13b0 47b0 61w1 46b16,5290,064,567,0
31Swara Lakshmi S Nair1684IND 90b1 2w0 68b½ 64w1 40b0 50w0101w1 55b1 51w1 18b0 47w05,5560,059,063,0
32Senthamizh Yazhini S1678IND 91w+ 1b0 67w1 50w½ 56b0 66w1 46b1 14w0 54b0 45b½ 77w16,0440,060,565,5
33Sudipa Haldar1659IND 92b1 4w0 70b1 52w1 6b0 48w1 5w0 51b½ 60b0 67w1 53w16,5320,062,065,5
34Kiruthika B1645IND 93w1 3b0 69w1 61b1 15w0 85b1 13w½ 22b0 21w1 24w1 11b06,5260,067,571,5
35Marium Fatima1619IND 94b1 6w0 74b1 56w½ 66b1 18w0 50b½ 53w0 70b1 60w½ 48b16,5340,061,065,5
36Shah Vrushti1614IND 95w1 5b0 71w1 85b0 73w0 97b1 64w1 57b0 63w½ 51b½ 72w16,0470,055,559,0
37Sinthia Sarkar1600IND 96b1 8w0 78b1 60w1 10b0 52w1 4b0 50w1 11b0 57w½ 54b16,5310,064,068,0
38Panda Miracle1589IND 97w1 7b½ 13w0 63b1 14b0 68w1 60b0 66w1 24b0 80w1 57b-5,5490,063,568,0
39Jegatha B1585IND 98b1 10w1 12b0 8w0 74b1 54w0 72b1 77w1 15w0 53b½ 85w½6,0400,062,566,5
40Rebecca Jesumarian1568IND 99w1 9b0 73w1 7b½ 31w1 17b0 27w1 24w1 14b0 25b0 21w½6,0380,069,073,0
41Yash Jyoti Bir1565IND100b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,01160,037,538,5
42Azal Nasir1556IND101w1 11b0 75w1 15b0 77w0 79b1 69w1 85b0 72w1 90b1 56w½6,5370,057,562,0
43Cera Dagaria1554IND102b1 12w0 80b1 10w0 82b1 60w½ 21b0 90w½ 74b1 50w0 63b16,0460,057,060,0
44Mudaliar Nandini1541IND103w1 13b½ 7w½ 17b0 75w0 81b1 83w½ 65b1 27w0 63b½ 90w16,0410,061,566,0
45Bharathakoti Sneha1514IND104b1 14w½ 18b½ 20w0 80b1 90w1 12b0 54w½ 29b0 32w½ 66b½5,5500,062,064,5
46Poornima Gupta1508IND105w1 15b0 77w1 23b0 79w1 27b½ 32w0 73b½ 69w1 85b½ 30w05,5530,060,564,5
47Harshini B1507IND106b+ 16w0 82b1 18w½ 21b1 22w0 24b0 83b1 30w1 29w0 31b16,5330,061,566,0
48Tina C1494IND107w1 17b0 79w1 27b0 81w1 33b0 75w1 23b0 73w1 77b½ 35w05,5510,061,566,0
49Tanisha Chatterjee1476IND108b1 18w½ 20b½ 21w½ 22b0 86w½ 74b1 28w0 77b0 65b0 89w15,0650,058,562,0
50Tanisha A R Som1475IND109w1 19b½ 23w½ 32b½ 7w0 31b1 35w½ 37b0 86w1 43b1 16b06,0390,063,066,5
51Kaamyaa Negi1463IND110b1 20w½ 10b0 66w0 86b½ 80w1 76b1 33w½ 31b0 36w½ 81b½5,5550,059,063,0
52Sovna Sonali Jena1452IND111w1 21b0 81w1 33b0 83w1 37b0 85w0 79b1 90b0 82w1 68b½5,5610,055,059,5
53Vakcheri Mohitha1451IND112b1 22w0 84b1 24w1 12b1 10w0 26b0 35b1 19w0 39w½ 33b05,5480,068,068,5
54Trisha B1445IND113w1 23b½ 19w0 90b½ 89w1 39b1 15w0 45b½ 32w1 27b0 37w05,5520,061,062,5
55Ananya Bothra1443IND114b1 24w0 86b1 22w½ 18b0 21w0 98b1 31w0 68b½ 84w1 -05,0660,058,061,5
56Sai Mahati A1412IND115w1 25b0 83w1 35b½ 32w1 23b1 17w0 29w1 16b½ 12w0 42b½6,5270,066,069,0
57Sachi Jain1406IND116b1 26w1 14b0 28w1 16b0 4w0 86b1 36w1 23w0 37b½ 38w+6,5280,065,569,0
58Riddhika Kotia1397IND117w1 27b0 85w0 87b1 90w0 83b0 84w½ 71b0119w1 79b0 98w-3,51040,049,051,5
59Shreya Shree Bansal1396IND118b+ 28w0100b1 26w0110b1 12w0 90b½ 27b0 71w1 21b0 -04,5810,058,061,0
60Anjitha Krishnakumar1384IND 1w0 87b1 89w1 37b0109w1 43b½ 38w1 25b0 33w1 35b½ 19w06,0430,061,064,5
61Vedika Agarwal1372IND 2b0 88w1117b1 34w0 4b0 82w1 23w0 81b½ 83w1 30b0 79w15,5580,058,062,0
62Advika Singh1363IND 3w0 89b0103w1 95b½ 97w0105b½ 99w½ 96b½101w0109b1 93w15,0780,048,051,5
63Shreya Arvind Rathi1297IND 4b0 90w½ 76b1 38w0 72b½ 92w1 28b0 78w1 36b½ 44w½ 43w05,0680,057,060,5
64Adiba Ullah1294IND 5w0 93b1119w1 31b0 24b0 94w1 36b0 76w½ 80b0 87w½103b04,0930,054,557,0
65Yashika Singh1280IND 6b0 92w1 26b0 84w1 28b0 98w½ 68b1 44w0 76b1 49w1 24b05,5540,060,564,0
66Nayan Megha K A1279IND 7w0 95b½101w1 51b1 35w0 32b0 71w1 38b0 81w½ 99b1 45w½5,5600,055,559,0
67Wadhwa Maneya1277IND 8b0 94w1 32b0 -0 99w1 84b½ 97w½ 80w½ 87b1 33b0 86w½5,0710,055,059,0
68Juhi Bajaj1267IND 9w0 97b1 31w½ -0 88b1 38b0 65w0119b1 55w½101b1 52w½5,5590,056,058,5
69Elakshi Srivastava1266IND 10b0 96w1 34b0 86w0100b1110w1 42b0 82w1 46b0 94w½ 80b15,5630,054,057,0
70Thakkar Riya Bharat1252IND 11w0 99b1 33w0 89b0101w0111b1103w1 97b1 35w0 81b0 96w15,0740,053,057,0
71Tushita Chopra1236IND 12b0 98w1 36b0 88w½ 95b0117w1 66b0 58w1 59b0 97w0 83b03,51020,051,055,0
72Harshvi Matalia1219IND 13w0101b½ 95w½ 97b½ 63w½ 87b1 39w0 84b1 42b0116w1 36b05,0690,056,059,5
73Riya Tewari1211IND 14b0102w1 40b0 92w1 36b1 24w½ 30b0 46w½ 48b0117w1 -05,0670,057,560,5
74Sara Prakash1204IND 15w0103b1 35w0 99b1 39w0 89b1 49w0101b1 43w0 86b½ 94w04,5820,054,558,5
75Gurjar Aarya1202IND 16b0104w1 42b0 96w1 44b1 26w0 48b0 86w0 99w½ 83b1 97w½5,0720,055,057,5
76Chatterjee Anantyoya1186IND 17w0105b½ 63w0101b½102w1109b1 51w0 64b½ 65w0 96b½ 99w15,0790,048,051,0
77Mandakani Mishra1180IND 18b0108w1 46b0 98w1 42b1 28w1 14b0 39b0 49w1 48w½ 32b05,5570,059,062,5
78Gurmanya Kaur1171IND 19w0107b1 37w0109b0103w1101b0 89w1 63b0 96w½ 88b½110w15,0770,049,052,5
79Athira A J1170IND 20b0110w1 48b0100w1 46b0 42w0 92b1 52w0 97b½ 58w1 61b04,5860,052,555,5
80Udisha1169IND 21w0109b1 43w0116b1 45w0 51b0105w1 67b½ 64w1 38b0 69w04,5870,051,555,0
81Bhavya Verma1167IND 22b0112w1 52b0102w1 48b0 44w0 94b1 61w½ 66b½ 70w1 51w½5,5620,054,555,0
82Aanya Agrawal1138IND 23w0111b1 47w0119b1 43w0 61b0109w1 69b0103w1 52b0101w½4,5840,053,055,5
83Harini Narahari1123IND 24b0114w1 56b0117w1 52b0 58w1 44b½ 47w0 61b0 75w0 71w14,5850,052,556,0
84Shweta Kamalaksh Sahakari1121IND 25w0113b1 53w0 65b0111b1 67w½ 58b½ 72w0109w1 55b0116b15,0760,049,551,0
85Swati Pal1120IND 26b0116w1 58b1 36w1 20b0 34w0 52b1 42w1 28b0 46w½ 39b½6,0420,061,565,0
86Asapu Srinithi1115IND 27w0115b1 55w0 69b1 51w½ 49b½ 57w0 75b1 50b0 74w½ 67b½5,0700,056,059,0
87Aishwarya Daniel1104IND 28b0 60w0104b1 58w0114b1 72w0117b½ 98w1 67w0 64b½111b½4,5880,047,049,5
88Devaanshee Agarwal1103IND 29w0 61b0107w1 71b½ 68w0 93b½119w½ 99b0104w1 78w½117b½4,5890,045,548,0
89Gurmeet Kaur Boparai1103IND 30b0 62w1 60b0 70w1 54b0 74w0 78b0107w1117b0 98w1 49b04,0940,051,055,0
90Nupur Kanda1103IND 31w0 63b½105w1 54w½ 58b1 45b0 59w½ 43b½ 52w1 42w0 44b05,0730,054,058,0
91Riya Kumari1081IND 32b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,01170,037,538,5
92Prisha Pahuja1067IND 33w0 65b0108w1 73b0115w1 63b0 79w0105b0111w0113b1109w½3,51050,045,547,0
93Sneha Verma1061IND 34b0 64w0110b0111w0112b1 88w½114b1117w½116b0105w1 62b04,01000,043,544,0
94Prishita Gupta1048IND 35w0 67b0109w0113b1116w1 64b0 81w0111b1105w1 69b½ 74b15,5640,047,048,5
95Manya Sharma1046IND 36b0 66w½ 72b½ 62w½ 71w1 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -02,51120,050,053,5
96Sakshi Verma1041IND 37w0 69b0111w1 75b0117b0107w½110b1 62w½ 78b½ 76w½ 70b04,0950,050,054,0
97Tanya Verma1034IND 38b0 68w0112b1 72w½ 62b1 36w0 67b½ 70w0 79w½ 71b1 75b½5,0750,051,552,0
98Madav Arya1031IND 39w0 71b0113w1 77b0119w1 65b½ 55w0 87b0115w1 89b0 58b+4,5920,043,545,0
99Tiwari Radhika1029IND 40b0 70w0114b1 74w0 67b0113w1 62b½ 88w1 75b½ 66w0 76b04,0960,049,551,0
100Gunjan Kanda1022IND 41w+ 29b0 59w0 79b0 69w0115b½102w½109b0108b1110w0114w½3,51060,043,546,5
101Sanchee Sahoo1001IND 42b0 72w½ 66b0 76w½ 70b1 78w1 31b0 74w0 62b1 68w0 82b½4,5830,053,057,5
102Aaina Vashisht0IND 43w0 73b0115w1 81b0 76b0114w½100b½116w0110b0108w0104b13,01100,042,545,0
103Akshika Mital0IND 44b0 74w0 62b0112w1 78b0116w1 70b0110w1 82b0114b1 64w15,0800,045,045,5
104Dega Hema Venkata Suma0IND 45w0 75b0 87w0115b0105w0108b½112w1113b1 88b0111w0102w02,51130,039,039,5
105Devpriya Bhargava0IND 46b0 76w½ 90b0110w0104b1 62w½ 80b0 92w1 94b0 93b0115w14,0990,045,047,5
106Emetna Limboo0IND 47w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,01180,037,538,5
107Ishika0IND 48b0 78w0 88b0 -0108w1 96b½115w½ 89b0114w0112w1119b14,01010,040,040,5
108Kashish0IND 49w0 77b0 92b0114w0107b0104w½116b0112b1100w0102b1113w13,51080,035,536,0
109Kirthika B0IND 50b0 80w0 94b1 78w1 60b0 76w0 82b0100w1 84b0 62w0 92b½3,51030,050,053,0
110Ojaswani Mengi0IND 51w0 79b0 93w1105b1 59w0 69b0 96w0103b0102w1100b1 78b04,0980,045,048,0
111Ritika0IND 52b0 82w0 96b0 93b1 84w0 70w0113b1 94w0 92b1104b1 87w½4,5910,044,045,5
112Shameet0IND 53w0 81b0 97w0103b0 93w0119b0104b0108w0113w0107b0 -11,01150,039,539,5
113Sneha Mishra0IND 54b0 84w0 98b0 94w0 -1 99b0111w0104w0112b1 92w0108b02,01140,041,041,5
114Sohani Singh0IND 55w0 83b0 99w0108b1 87w0102b½ 93w0115b½107b1103w0100b½3,51070,041,544,5
115Tamanna Verma0IND 56b0 86w0102b0104w1 92b0100w½107b½114w½ 98b0119w½105b03,01110,039,542,0
116Tanisi Choudhari0IND 57w0 85b0 -1 80w0 94b0103b0108w1102b1 93w1 72b0 84w04,0970,048,551,5
117Tizya Kumar0IND 58b0 -1 61w0 83b0 96w1 71b0 87w½ 93b½ 89w1 73b0 88w½4,5900,045,048,5
118Tushrikha Sahu0IND 59w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,01190,037,538,5
119Vidhissha Sharma0IND -1 30w0 64b0 82w0 98b0112w1 88b½ 68w0 58b0115b½107w03,01090,046,046,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)