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Century - Richmond Hill Open 2019 - U1300

Last update 11.11.2019 00:41:11, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 46)

Starting rank

1Piorischin Alex155856CAN1289
2Zhuang Jeffrey166908CAN1220
3Herbert Cameron167903CAN1201
4Mane Arnav160927CAN1171
5Huang Ivan164614CAN1140
6Wu Nora168007CAN1115
7Fang Yue170905CAN1107
8Gerber Jerry160103CAN1105
9Reid Daniel101958CAN1080
10Shi William167698CAN1078
11Chen Ricky166353CAN1073
12Bu Ethan164956CAN1071
13Lau Joshua163099CAN1065
14Dixit Mohan169181CAN1011
15Duanmu Isabelle163583CAN1004
16Wang Xiuqi (Arthur)162689CAN1001
17Li Triston166944CAN998
18Qian Ashley168050CAN988
19Gao Sean164596CAN965
20Zhao Yicheng163585CAN961
21Pishdad M. Hassan146931CAN947
22Wang Xingkai167777CAN944
23Bao James168175CAN943
24Zhu Charis168132CAN930
25Yang Lucy164595CAN928
26Lu Tony166742CAN910
27Guan Isabelle166081CAN906
28Qiu Yuheng (Max)165830CAN895
29Zeng Gordon166321CAN880
30Wang Jaden164581CAN875
31Duanmu Isaac163584CAN870
32Zhou Felix167758CAN864