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Cupa Dobrogei - Turneul A - Open

Last update 10.11.2019 13:22:19, Creator/Last Upload: sarighioleanu marius

Starting rank

1CMMartian Fanase1212818ROU1872Cs Sparta Techirghiol
2IHliboceanu Adrian1225995ROU1828Acs Fianchetto Constanta
3IDanilescu Ivan1212800ROU1809Acs Fianchetto Constanta
4Danila Bogdan-Alexandru1299107ROU1737Acs Logic Delta
5ISarighioleanu Sebastian-Laure1244582ROU1696Acs Logic Delta
6IIStoian Chiriac1230549ROU1661Acs Fianchetto Constanta
7ICraita Sorin1225960ROU1610Acs Logic Delta
8IISerban Eugen1286773ROU1505Acs Logic Delta
9AFMCraita Alexandru-Stefan1249800ROU1439Acs Logic Delta
10IIPlingu Andreea-Zina1268317ROU1224Acs Logic Delta
11IITanase Andrei (P.)1268244ROU1211Acs Logic Delta
12IIBorisov Sofia-Ioana1276158ROU1169Acs Logic Delta
13IIBoureanu Bianca-Alina1260774ROU1123Acs Logic Delta
14IVPanait Robert-Florentin1274457ROU1001Acs Logic Delta
15FCMiron DimitrieROU1001Acs Logic Delta
16Lungu Liviu1230492ROU1001
17Mardare AdrianROU1001
18Miron Andreea-Parascheva1281461ROU1001Acs Logic Delta
19Filipescu EugenROU0Acs Logic Delta
20Gherghisan Ion1230450ROU0