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Dundee Chess Congress Premier 2019

Last update 21.10.2019 12:29:20, Creator: dundeecongress,Last Upload: scotland chess federation (license 2)

Starting rank

1IMGreet Andrew NSCO2377Bearsden
2FMTate Alan WSCO2297
3FMAbdulla Murad J19SCO2248Bon Accord
4IMMannion Stephen RSCO2243Paisley
5FMBerry Neil MSCO2158Edinburgh
6IMOrr Mark JLSCO2142
7Neave GeorgeSCO2116
8Findlay David JSCO2109Dundee
9Hogg Stephen WSCO2064Dundee
10Lothian RobertSCO2046Bon Accord
11Spencer Edwin ASCO2025
12Dunn Alan MSCO2015England
13McQuillan Stephen GSCO1978
14Kristjansson SnorriSCO1939Edinburgh
15Rutherford WillieSCO1935
16Jennings Richard LSCO1934Bon Accord
17Jelfs AlanSCO1932Renfrewshire
18Chisholm MikeSCO1919Bank of Scotland
19Campbell Duncan AFSCO1914Oban
20Irving NeilSCO1901Stirling
21Newton AndrewSCO1896
22Ridge MichaelSCO1884
23Sanger Jake MSCO1883
24Robertson David ASCO1874
25Babin AndreSCO1865Castlehill
26Mitchell Jeremy JSCO1858
27Bleak CollinSCO1850
28McCusker AndrewSCO1830
29Will DouglasSCO1816
30Kane RobertSCO1815Edinburgh
31Dawson Alastair GSCO1806Dundee
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