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The Joburg Open 2019 MASTERS

Last update 12.10.2019 22:38:13, Creator/Last Upload: south african chess fed. (licence 133)

Starting rank

1Coertzen Dylan1020050691350
2Greef Schalk1060606871310
3Nwafor Blessing1080910571298
4Ramlall Sanjana2090926751298w
5Bowers Mpho11201041091247
6Shaw Amy2050489141237w
7Chinoruma Tawana2080718731231w
8Steyn Piet1720363321226
9Kushar Tristan1090837831220
10Mungal Ethan11001034391185
11Felix Harrison1070864431153
12Voigt Daniel1090597441148
13Snyckers Adam1020728321136
14Deysel Kaleb1110927011126
15Greef Janus1060606861106
16Voigt Heinrich1060502821079
17Mungal Shane18401153971068
18Nwedo Khodani10801032211052
19Ndhlovu Aphiwe1080950811035
20Van Der Spoel Edgar10901003261024
21Young Bruce1610117295856
22Young Oliver1000117294710