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VI Sunway Sitges International Chess Festival - Group A (Id.234911)

Last update 24.12.2019 16:55:58, Creator/Last Upload: lópez rodríguez, eduardo

Player overview for AZE

18GMDurarbayli Vasif26090AZE½111½11½1½8,02Group A

Results of the last round for AZE

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMAdly Ahmed26077 ½ - ½ GMDurarbayli Vasif2609

Player details for AZE

GM Durarbayli Vasif 2609 AZE Rp:2727 Pts. 8,0
1172CMPrraneeth Vuppala22210IND5,0w ½
2158FMKholopov Alexander A.22530RUS5,0s 1
393IMTravadon Loic24120FRA6,0w 1
453IMLobanov Sergei25040RUS6,5s 1
547GMKelires Andreas25100GRE6,0w ½
650IMKrzyzanowski Marcin25060POL6,5s 1
735GMLi Di25430CHN7,5w 1
83GMKorobov Anton26680UKR8,5s ½
98GMKovalenko Igor26470LAT6,5w 1
1019GMAdly Ahmed26070EGY7,5s ½
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