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AZE Ch U20 Boys

Last update 20.04.2011 17:50:26, Creator/Last Upload: iran chess federation

Starting rank list of players

2GMAbasov Nijat Azad OgluAZE2504
1IMRasulov Vugar Ural OgluAZE2499
3IMBajarani UlviAZE2437
4FMMammadov Ayaz Arzu OgluAZE2409
5IMMammadov Zaur Fazahir OgluAZE2379
8Iskandarov Misratdin Mehdi OgluAZE2235
6Rzayev Bahruz Iqbal OgluAZE2230
7FMIzzat Kanan Azar OgluAZE2181
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