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World Youth Chess Championship 2019 - Girls U18

Last update 12.10.2019 12:21:51, Creator/Last Upload: swapnil bansod

Player overview for ZIM

35WCMMudodo Refiloe Hazel1657ZIM½½0110½½0105,050Girls U14

Results of the last round for ZIM

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
AGMRenganayaki VIND1641 1 - 05 WCMMudodo Refiloe HazelZIM1657

Player details for ZIM

WCM Mudodo Refiloe Hazel 1657 ZIM Rp:1459 Pts. 5,0
175Rhythm Singhal1272IND4,5w ½
271D`souza Carina1330CAN3,5s ½
367WCMZavivaeva Evelina1371RUS6,0w 0
465Dalli Shriya Reddy1401IND4,5s 1
570Diya Jain1359IND4,5w 1
63WFMAllahverdiyeva Ayan2160AZE8,0s 0
757WCMPatel Riddhi R1473IND5,5w ½
851Dalal Aashi1525IND5,5s ½
948Femil Chelladurai1544IND6,0s 0
1068Smirnova Jekaterina1366EST4,5w 1
1137AGMRenganayaki V1641IND6,5s 0