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World Youth Chess Championship 2019 - Girls U18

Last update 12.10.2019 12:21:51, Creator/Last Upload: Swapnil Bansod

Player overview for SLO

19WFMUrh Zala2105SLO1101½0111½½7,56Girls U18

Results of the last round for SLO

Rd.Bo.No. NameFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameFEDRtg No.
WFMUrh ZalaSLO21057 ½ - ½ WFMKucharska HonorataPOL2114

Player details for SLO

WFM Urh Zala 2105 SLO Rp:2176 Pts. 7,5
151Garima Gaurav1695IND4,0w 1
265Tamang Tejswani0NEP2,0s 1
32WIMMunkhzul Turmunkh2332MGL7,0w 0
434WFMHng Mei-En Emmanuelle2002SGP6,0s 1
56WIMVantika Agrawal2283IND8,0w ½
614WIMCervantes Landeiro Thalia2176USA6,5s 0
732WFMSowa Wiktoria2016POL6,0w 1
89WIMMuetsch Annmarie2266GER7,0w 1
94WFMAfonasieva Anna2312RUS7,0s 1
107WGMObolentseva Alexandra2282RUS7,5s ½
1118WFMKucharska Honorata2114POL7,0w ½
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