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Prvenstvo županije Splitsko-dalmatinske za žene za 2019.g.

Last update 15.09.2019 12:28:35, Creator/Last Upload: sgudelj

Starting rank list of players

4IVBilicic Alma14570475CRO01629ŠK Jelsa, Jelsa
6IIICurin Doris14553287CRO01623ŠK Jelsa, Jelsa
3Simunov Julija14580420CRO01605ŠK Brda, Split
1Maric Paula14573962CRO01600ŠK Jelsa, Jelsa
5MKArnold Dora14552060CRO14721878ŠK Jelsa, Jelsa
2IILadan Paula14557193CRO11281726ŠK Jelsa, Jelsa