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European Women Individual Rapid Chess Championship 2019

Last update 01.12.2019 20:55:40, Creator/Last Upload: ia dominique dervieux

Final Ranking crosstable after 11 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.Rd10.Rd11.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMKosteniuk Alexandra2538RUS 46b+ 53w1 35b0 16w1 14b½ 39w1 19b1 11w1 12b1 2w1 8b½9,01,070,575,5
2WGMGirya Olga2365RUS 58w1 38b1 52w1 33b1 12w0 23b1 7w1 4w1 3b1 1b0 9w19,00,070,075,5
3GMStefanova Antoaneta2455BUL 48w1 37b1 9w0 34b1 6w1 10b½ 25w1 23b1 2w0 14b½ 15w18,00,071,076,5
4GMBatsiashvili Nino2401GEO 78b1 16w½ 62w1 63b1 9w½ 17b1 12w1 2b0 7w½ 26b½ 13b18,00,068,072,5
5GMGunina Valentina2434RUS 64w1 20b½ 18w1 10b½ 17w0 15b1 52w1 9b0 34w1 23b1 14w18,00,067,572,5
6IMKashlinskaya Alina2350RUS 67w1 62b½ 15w1 13w½ 3b0 40b1 37w½ 20b1 10w½ 18b1 30w18,00,066,571,0
7GMCramling Pia2423SWE 22b0 96w1 76b1 72w1 53b1 29w1 2b0 24w1 4b½ 13w½ 12b18,00,066,570,5
8IMPaehtz Elisabeth2381GER 76b1 54w1 12b0 45w1 29b0 27w½ 77b1 33w1 19b1 11w1 1w½8,00,064,569,0
9GMZhukova Natalia2316UKR 69b1 42w1 3b1 24w½ 4b½ 11w½ 13b½ 5w1 21b½ 12w1 2b07,50,074,079,0
10IMGaponenko Inna2328UKR 74b1 45w1 11b½ 5w½ 36b1 3w½ 24b½ 13w½ 6b½ 19w½ 27b17,50,070,575,0
11GMMuzychuk Mariya2518UKR 56w1 34b1 10w½ 19b1 25w½ 9b½ 35w1 1b0 28w1 8b0 26w17,50,069,575,0
12WGMRogule Laura2292LAT 73w1 84b1 8w1 28b1 2b1 24w1 4b0 14w1 1w0 9b0 7w07,00,074,077,5
13GMMuzychuk Anna2592UKR 50w1 15b½ 40w1 6b½ 28w1 25b½ 9w½ 10b½ 17w1 7b½ 4w07,00,071,577,5
14IMOsmak Iulija2318UKR 84w- 80b1 51w1 31b1 1w½ 20b1 26w1 12b0 25w1 3w½ 5b07,00,069,574,0
15WGMDornbusch Tatiana2211MNC 83b1 13w½ 6b0 32w1 26b½ 5w0 65b1 44w1 33b1 21w1 3b07,00,067,571,5
16WIMBensdorp-De Labaca Marlies2228NED 79w1 4b½ 23w½ 1b0 57w1 48b1 18w½ 28b0 49w1 25b½ 35w17,00,066,570,5
17WGMBerend Elvira2308LUX 96w+ 77w1 24b0 46w1 5b1 4w0 47b1 21w½ 13b0 36w½ 44b17,00,066,070,5
18WGMMichna Marta2296GER 44b½ 85w1 5b0 62w1 42b1 21w½ 16b½ 27w½ 46b1 6w0 39b17,00,065,569,5
19IMMkrtchian Lilit2338ARM 75w1 82b1 63w½ 11w0 27b1 33b1 1w0 49b1 8w0 10b½ 40w17,00,065,068,5
20WGMUnuk Laura2168SLO 94b1 5w½ 26b0 92w1 41b1 14w0 55b1 6w0 59b1 47w½ 36b17,00,064,067,0
21IMBodnaruk Anastasia2410RUS 51w1 40b0 64w1 37b1 33w½ 18b½ 38w1 17b½ 9w½ 15b0 34w17,00,061,566,5
22IMSalimova Nurgyul1992BUL 7w1 52b0 30w0 73b1 55b½ 42w1 54b1 36w½ 24b½ 53w1 23w½7,00,061,566,0
23GMSebag Marie2452FRA 29b½ 32w1 16b½ 54w1 47b1 2w0 46b1 3w0 43b1 5w0 22b½6,50,070,576,0
24IMBulmaga Irina2383ROU 57w1 31b1 17w1 9b½ 35w1 12b0 10w½ 7b0 22w½ 30b0 38w16,50,068,073,5
25IMDaulyte-Cornette Deimante2362LTU 65b1 39w1 47b1 35w½ 11b½ 13w½ 3b0 41w1 14b0 16w½ 29b½6,50,068,073,0
26GMChiburdanidze Maia2475GEO 32b½ 29w½ 20w1 43b½ 15w½ 34b1 14b0 38w1 37b1 4w½ 11b06,50,067,072,5
27WGMBelenkaya Dina2112RUS 88b1 36w0 44b1 55w1 19w0 8b½ 63w1 18b½ 35w½ 28b1 10w06,50,064,568,0
28IMGuichard Pauline2349FRA 59b1 72w1 55b1 12w0 13b0 45w½ 29b1 16w1 11b0 27w0 54b16,50,064,068,0
29FMAntova Gabriela2001BUL 23w½ 26b½ 86w1 52b1 8w1 7b0 28w0 43b0 72w1 41b1 25w½6,50,064,067,5
30GMArakhamia-Grant Ketevan2320SCO 61b0 73w1 22b1 42w½ 39b0 49b½ 56w½ 77w1 32b1 24w1 6b06,50,061,566,0
31WIMZvereva Marija2127RUS 89b1 24w0 61b1 14w0 74b½ 60w1 41b0 59w0 75b1 58w1 53b16,50,057,061,0
32WFMGitu Paula-Alexandra2033MDA 26w½ 23b0 79w1 15b0 92b1 41w0 84w1 63b1 30w0 73b1 52w16,50,056,560,0
33WIMSolozhenkina Elizaveta2262RUS106b+ 61w1 36b1 2w0 21b½ 19w0 45b1 8b0 15w0 57b1 42w½6,00,067,072,0
34GMGaprindashvili Nona2196GEO 92b+ 11w0 59b1 3w0 76b1 26w0 61b1 47w1 5b0 65w1 21b06,00,064,068,5
35WGMWorek Joanna2321CZE 71w1 66b1 1w1 25b½ 24b0 77w1 11b0 37w½ 27b½ 39w½ 16b06,00,063,568,0
36GMSocko Monika2359POL 49w1 27b1 33w0 40b1 10w0 37b0 82w1 22b½ 45w1 17b½ 20w06,00,063,567,0
37WIMZaksaite Salomeja2181LTU103b+ 3w0 74b1 21w0 65b1 36w1 6b½ 35b½ 26w0 44w0 67b16,00,062,567,0
38WIMJanzelj Lara2124SLO 90w+ 2w0 69b1 47w0 61b1 53w1 21b0 26b0 66w1 43w1 24b06,00,062,066,5
39WIMTerbe Julianna2186HUN100w1 25b0 66w½ 50b1 30w1 1b0 49w0 56b1 57w1 35b½ 18w06,00,062,065,0
40WIMMuetsch Annmarie2141GER 97b1 21w1 13b0 36w0 59b1 6w0 83b1 53w½ 41b½ 55w1 19b06,00,062,063,5
41WGMBabiy Olga2247UKR 91b- 93b1 58w1 56b½ 20w0 32b1 31w1 25b0 40w½ 29w0 65b16,00,061,064,5
42WIMSemenova Elena2140RUS101w1 9b0 71w1 30b½ 18w0 22b0 75w1 73b1 53b0 60w1 33b½6,00,058,562,5
43WGMLeconte Maria2225FRA 85b½ 44w½ 65b1 26w½ 56b½ 46w0 58b1 29w1 23w0 38b0 64w16,00,058,562,5
44WFMToncheva Nadya1737BUL 18w½ 43b½ 27w0 51b1 48w0 66b1 72w1 15b0 82w1 37b1 17w06,00,058,562,0
45WGMBerzina Ilze2165LAT 95w1 10b0 75w1 8b0 71w1 28b½ 33w0 78b1 36b0 74w1 47b½6,00,058,061,0
46WIMPetrova Irina2047UKR 1w- 70b1 91w1 17b0 75w1 43b1 23w0 52b1 18w0 54w½ 55b½6,00,058,061,0
47IMOvod Evgenija2262RUS 80w1 91b1 25w0 38b1 23w0 82b1 17w0 34b0 48w1 20b½ 45w½6,00,057,560,5
48WFMSkuhala Barbara2021SLO 3b0 83w0 85b1 96w1 44b1 16w0 53b0 69w1 47b0 68w1 63w16,00,057,061,0
49FMKazarian Anna-Maja1858NED 36b0 90w1 54b0 83w1 72b1 30w½ 39b1 19w0 16b0 50w½ 62w16,00,056,560,5
50WFMChigaeva Anastasia2068RUS 13b0 68w1 92b½ 39w0 84b1 55w0 74b1 54w½ 52w½ 49b½ 66w16,00,054,057,5
51WFMLimanovska Elizabete1945LAT 21b0 94w1 14b0 44w0 83b0101w+ 91w1 68w1 54b0 87w1 77b16,00,050,053,0
52IMBuksa Nataliya2275UKR 68b1 22w1 2b0 29w0 78b1 56w1 5b0 46w0 50b½ 59w1 32b05,50,065,570,0
53IMSavina Anastasia2255RUS 70w1 1b0 57w1 82b1 7w0 38b0 48w1 40b½ 42w1 22b0 31w05,50,064,067,5
54WGMZakurdjaeva Irina2224RUS 87w1 8b0 49w1 23b0 67w½ 64b1 22w0 50b½ 51w1 46b½ 28w05,50,062,066,0
55WGMReizniece-Ozola Dana2258LAT 93w1 86b1 28w0 27b0 22w½ 50b1 20w0 57b½ 64w1 40b0 46w½5,50,059,563,0
56WIMNicoara Malina2037FRA 11b0 60w1102b1 41w½ 43w½ 52b0 30b½ 39w0 74b0 91w1 75b15,50,055,558,0
57Nguyen Thao Nhi1945FRA 24b0 97w1 53b0 68w1 16b0 69w1 62b1 55w½ 39b0 33w0 74b15,50,055,056,5
58WFMJohnsen Sylvia1898NOR 2b0 89w1 41b0 60w0 86w1 70b1 43w0 93b½ 84w1 31b0 73w15,50,054,057,5
59Shivacheva Donika1836BUL 28w0 81b1 34w0 79b1 40w0 91b½ 85w1 31b1 20w0 52b0 72w15,50,053,556,5
60Yagutian Mariya1610RUS 63w0 56b0101w1 58b1 64w½ 31b0 67w1 72b0 78w1 42b0 82w15,50,051,054,5
61Aubert Estee1766FRA 30w1 33b0 31w0 86b1 38w0 87b1 34w0 82b0 81w1 72b½ 76w15,50,050,053,5
62WFMNovkovic Julia2085AUT 99b+ 6w½ 4b0 18b0 66w½ 67b1 57w0 71w1 65b0 83w1 49b05,00,059,063,0
63WIMBenmesbah Natacha2258FRA 60b1102w1 19b½ 4w0 77b0 74w1 27b0 32w0 67b½ 71w1 48b05,00,058,561,0
64WFMAzimova Karina1997RUS 5b0103w1 21b0 84w1 60b½ 54w0 68b½ 83w1 55b0 69w1 43b05,00,056,059,5
65WFMCramling Bellon Anna1864SWE 25w0100b1 43w0 91b1 37w0 79b1 15w0 70b1 62w1 34b0 41w05,00,053,556,5
66WIMDubois Martine1858MNC104w+ 35w0 39b½ 77w0 62b½ 44w0 87b1 95w1 38b0 78w1 50b05,00,052,055,0
67Tomasi Elise1849FRA 6b0 88w1 72b0103w1 54b½ 62w0 60b0 91w1 63w½ 82b1 37w05,00,049,552,5
68Waardenburg Marlinde1709NED 52w0 50b0 97w1 57b0 81w1 75b½ 64w½ 51b0 88w1 48b0 86b15,00,049,551,0
69Olsson Linn1748SWE 9w0101b1 38w0100b1 82w0 57b0 81w1 48b0 94w1 64b0 87w15,00,048,551,5
70Schebacher Solene1525FRA 53b0 46w0 88b1 76w0101b1 58w0 99b1 65w0 87b0 94b1 83w15,00,046,549,5
71Waardenburg Feline1778NED 35b0 98w1 42b0102w1 45b0 83w0 86w1 62b0 93w1 63b0 85b15,00,045,047,5
72FMPaasikangas-Tella Johanna2169FIN 81w1 28b0 67w1 7b0 49w0 96b+ 44b0 60w1 29b0 61w½ 59b04,50,059,063,5
73WIMLebel-Arias Julia1718MNC 12b0 30b0 95w1 22w0103b1 78w½ 76b1 42w0 77b1 32w0 58b04,50,056,559,5
74WCMJose Polanco Kenia1813MNC 10w0 95b1 37w0 87b1 31w½ 63b0 50w0 80b1 56w1 45b0 57w04,50,056,059,0
75WCMBerezovska Svetlana1819MNC 19b0 99w1 45b0 89w1 46b0 68w½ 42b0 92w1 31w0 84b1 56w04,50,055,058,5
76Kurapova Olga1914SUI 8w0 87b1 7w0 70b1 34w0 80b½ 73w0 84b0 79b1 92w1 61b04,50,053,557,0
77WIMJohansson Viktoria2094SWE107w1 17b0 84w½ 66b1 63w1 35b0 8w0 30b0 73w0 93b1 51w04,50,053,556,5
78Ayzenberg Alena1945NOR 4w0 79b0 81w1 93b1 52w0 73b½ 80w1 45w0 60b0 66b0 94w14,50,050,553,5
79Berezovsky Fiorina1403MNC 16b0 78w1 32b0 59w0 99b1 65w0 95b0 85b½ 76w0 -1 93w14,50,047,550,5
80Lindberg Cajsa1642SWE 47b0 14w0 89b0 85w1 94b1 76w½ 78b0 74w0 92b0 97w1 91b14,50,045,547,0
81Fourriques Elise1292FRA 72b0 59w0 78b0 90w1 68b0 98w1 69b0 97w1 61b0 88b1 84w½4,50,043,044,5
82WFMAndric Jelena2076SWE 98w+ 19w0 83b1 53w0 69b1 47w0 36b0 61w1 44b0 67w0 60b04,00,056,560,5
83WCMSvergina Sofya1350RUS 15w0 48b1 82w0 49b0 51w1 71b1 40w0 64b0 85w1 62b0 70b04,00,054,057,5
84Cornileau Juliette1762FRA 14b+ 12w0 77b½ 64b0 50w0 95w1 32b0 76w1 58b0 75w0 81b½4,00,053,056,0
85Micheli Elora1396FRA 43w½ 18b0 48w0 80b0 90b1 92w1 59b0 79w½ 83b0 89b1 71w04,00,050,554,5
86Nevskaya Ekaterina1349FRA105b+ 55w0 29b0 61w0 58b0 89w1 71b0 88b0 90w1 95b1 68w04,00,049,552,5
87Jaskunaite Auguste1386LTU 54b0 76w0 99b1 74w0102b1 61w0 66w0 90b1 70w1 51b0 69b04,00,048,050,5
88Macia Urisari Anne Marie0FRA 27w0 67b0 70w0 94b0 98b0102w1 89b1 86w1 68b0 81w0 -14,00,042,044,5
89Dinoni Attali Myriam1060MNC 31w0 58b0 80w1 75b0 91w0 86b0 88w0 98b1 97b1 85w0 95w14,00,040,542,0
90Barrast Catherine1009FRA 38b- 49b0 93w0 81b0 85w0107b+102b1 87w0 86b0 98w1 97b14,00,039,040,5
91Jaskuniene Dalia1421LTU 41w+ 47w0 46b0 65w0 89b1 59w½ 51b0 67b0 95w1 56b0 80w03,50,052,555,5
92Wittenberg Serena1348FRA 34w-107b1 50w½ 20b0 32w0 85b0100w1 75b0 80w1 76b0 -03,50,050,553,5
93AIMFeldman Laora1636ISR 55b0 41w0 90b1 78w0 95b0 94w1 97b1 58w½ 71b0 77w0 79b03,50,045,547,0
94Svensson Paula1236SWE 20w0 51b0 96b0 88w1 80w0 93b0 98b1 99w1 69b0 70w0 78b03,00,048,050,5
95Schebacher Leane1170FRA 45b0 74w0 73b0107w1 93w1 84b0 79w1 66b0 91b0 86w0 89b03,00,041,044,0
96Perrusset Barbara1745FRA 17b- 7b0 94w1 48b0100w1 72w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -02,00,048,551,5
97Radon Vida1157SWE 40w0 57b0 68b0 99w0107b1103w+ 93w0 81b0 89w0 80b0 90w02,00,044,547,5
98Ribreau Anna0FRA 82b- 71b0100w0101b0 88w1 81b0 94w0 89w0 -1 90b0 -02,00,040,042,0
99Pinarbasi Emilie0FRA 62w- 75b0 87w0 97b1 79w0100b1 70w0 94b0 -0 -0 -02,00,040,041,5
100Thoreux-Josso Ambre1316MNC 39b0 65w0 98b1 69w0 96b0 99w0 92b0 -0 -0 -0 -01,00,041,543,5
101Heem Alice1100FRA 42b0 69w0 60b0 98w1 70w0 51b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -01,00,041,543,5
102Thoreux-Josso Adele0MNC -1 63b0 56w0 71b0 87w0 88b0 90w0 -0 -0 -0 -01,00,041,043,0
103Hyjazi Fleur1309FRA 37w- 64b0107w1 67b0 73w0 97b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -01,00,041,043,0
104IMRepkova Eva2358SVK 66b- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,037,538,5
105WIMGarifullina Leya2207RUS 86w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,037,538,5
106Rubsamen Anais1640MNC 33w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,037,538,5
107Mazmanyan Lidia0FRA 77b0 92w0103b0 95b0 97w0 90w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,030,531,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)