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European Women Individual Rapid Chess Championship 2019

Last update 01.12.2019 20:55:40, Creator/Last Upload: ia dominique dervieux

Player overview for CZE

21WGMWorek Joanna2321CZE111½010½½½06,03520-14,40Rapid

Results of the last round for CZE

Rd.Bo.No.NameTypGrFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypGrFEDRtgNo.
111535WIMBensdorp-De Labaca MarliesPACANED22286 1 - 06 WGMWorek JoannaCZE232121

Player details for CZE

WGM Worek Joanna 2321 CZE Rp:2239 Pts. 6,0
174Waardenburg Feline1778NED5,0w 10,920,08201,60
269WIMDubois Martine1858MNC5,0s 10,920,08201,60
32GMKosteniuk Alexandra2538RUS9,0w 10,220,782015,60
414IMDaulyte-Cornette Deimante2362LTU6,5s ½0,440,06201,20
511IMBulmaga Irina2383ROU6,5s 00,41-0,4120-8,20
651WIMJohansson Viktoria2094SWE4,5w 10,790,21204,20
73GMMuzychuk Mariya2518UKR7,5s 00,25-0,2520-5,00
842WIMZaksaite Salomeja2181LTU6,0w ½0,69-0,1920-3,80
950WGMBelenkaya Dina2112RUS6,5s ½0,77-0,2720-5,40
1041WIMTerbe Julianna2186HUN6,0w ½0,68-0,1820-3,60
1135WIMBensdorp-De Labaca Marlies2228NED7,0s 00,63-0,6320-12,60