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European Women Individual Blitz Chess Championship 2019

Last update 29.11.2019 19:06:46, Creator/Last Upload: IA Dominique DERVIEUX

Player overview for ROU

16IMBulmaga Irina2308ROU11011011½101½982055,80Blitz

Results of the last round for ROU

Rd.Bo.No.NameTypGrFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypGrFEDRtgNo.
1342GMMuzychuk AnnaUKR2504 ½ - ½ IMBulmaga IrinaACPROU230816

Player details for ROU

IM Bulmaga Irina 2308 ROU Rp:2459 Pts. 9
160Aubert Estee1919FRA5s 10,910,09201,80
237WIMMuetsch Annmarie2202GER7w 10,640,36207,20
33GMChiburdanidze Maia2497GEO7,5s 00,25-0,2520-5,00
438FMPaasikangas-Tella Johanna2189FIN7w 10,660,34206,80
525WGMWorek Joanna2246CZE7s 10,590,41208,20
61GMKosteniuk Alexandra2521RUS10w 00,23-0,2320-4,60
753FMKazarian Anna-Maja2020NED6,5s 10,840,16203,20
89IMPaehtz Elisabeth2380GER8,5w 10,400,602012,00
95GMStefanova Antoaneta2452BUL9,5s ½0,310,19203,80
1013GMMuzychuk Mariya2344UKR8w 10,450,552011,00
114GMSebag Marie2467FRA9,5w 00,29-0,2920-5,80
128WGMMichna Marta2390GER8,5s 10,390,612012,20
132GMMuzychuk Anna2504UKR9s ½0,250,25205,00