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European Women Individual Blitz Chess Championship 2019

Last update 29.11.2019 19:06:46, Creator/Last Upload: IA Dominique DERVIEUX

Player overview for LUX

22WGMBerend Elvira2278LUX11½100110½1½07,5232025,20Blitz

Results of the last round for LUX

Rd.Bo.No.NameTypGrFEDRtgPts. ResultPts. NameTypGrFEDRtgNo.
1389IMPaehtz ElisabethGER2380 1 - 0 WGMBerend ElviraS50LUX227822

Player details for LUX

WGM Berend Elvira 2278 LUX Rp:2341 Pts. 7,5
166Kurapova Olga1826SUI5,5s 10,920,08201,60
243GMGaprindashvili Nona2136GEO7w 10,690,31206,20
311GMGunina Valentina2366RUS9,5s ½0,380,12202,40
41GMKosteniuk Alexandra2521RUS10w 10,200,802016,00
53GMChiburdanidze Maia2497GEO7,5s 00,22-0,2220-4,40
613GMMuzychuk Mariya2344UKR8w 00,41-0,4120-8,20
729WGMRogule Laura2237LAT8,5s 10,560,44208,80
86GMDzagnidze Nana2432GEO8,5s 10,290,712014,20
928GMZhukova Natalia2239UKR9,5w 00,55-0,5520-11,00
1015IMGuichard Pauline2335FRA7w ½0,420,08201,60
1137WIMMuetsch Annmarie2202GER7s 10,600,40208,00
1240IMSavina Anastasia2177RUS8w ½0,64-0,1420-2,80
139IMPaehtz Elisabeth2380GER8,5s 00,36-0,3620-7,20