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60th National Inter School Team Chess Championships 2019 - Pri Open U10

Last update 11.09.2019 10:53:09, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Final Ranking after 6 Rounds

Rk.SNoTeamTeamGames  +   =   -  TB1  TB2  TB3 
12Nanyang Pr Team 1NYP650120,5100
25St Stephen's SchSSS650118,0102
36ACS Junior Team AACJ650118,0100
41UWCSEA East Team AUWC642016,5100
532Northland Pr Team 1NLP640216,080
611Overseas Family Team 1OFS632116,080
710Nanyang Pr Team 2NYP641115,090
83Henry Park Pr Team AHPP632115,080
960St Hilda's PrSHP632115,080
1061Tao Nan Sch Team 1TNS631215,070
1114ACS Junior Team BACJ641114,590
1216Fairfield Methodist Pr Team 1FMP632114,580
1355SJI Junior Team 1SJJ631214,570
149Changkat Pr Team 1CKP641114,090
1513Catholic High SchCHP632114,080
168Maris Stella High PrMSP632114,080
174ACS Pr Team 1ACP624014,080
1830Ngee Ann Pr Team 1NAP632114,080
1945Rulang Pr Team 2RLP631214,070
2044Rulang Pr Team 1RLP630314,060
2134Northland Pr Team 3NLP622214,060
2215Tao Nan Sch Team 2TNS640213,080
2319Bukit Timah PrBTP640213,080
2433Northland Pr Team 2NLP631213,070
2539Overseas Family Team 2OFS623113,070
267Kong Hwa SchKHS623113,070
2717Kheng Cheng Sch Team 1KCS622213,060
2858St Andrew's Junior Team 1SAJ622213,060
2936NPS Int'l Team 3NPS621313,050
3029Nanyang Pr Team 3NYP630312,560
3141Queenstown PrQTP621312,550
3222Global Indian Int'l EastGIE622212,060
3346Rulang Pr Team 3RLP622212,060
3423Global Indian Int'l Punggol Team AGIP613212,050
40Overseas Family Team 3OFS613212,050
3628Kuo Chuan Presbyterian PrKCP622211,560
3748Rulang Pr Team 5RLP630311,560
3826Henry Park Pr Team BHPP621311,550
3927Kheng Cheng Sch Team 2KCS621311,050
4042Rosyth Sch Team 4RSS612311,040
4157SJI Junior Team 3SJJ622210,560
4225Global Indian Int'l Punggol Team CGIP621310,550
4356SJI Junior Team 2SJJ611410,530
4447Rulang Pr Team 4RLP521210,070
4512Opera Eatate Pr Team 1OEP621310,050
4659St Andrew's Junior Team 2SAJ621310,050
4721Fairfield Methodist Pr Team 2FMP613210,050
4862UWCSEA East Team BUWC613210,050
4918ACS Pr Team 2ACP612310,040
5035NPS Int'l Team 2NPS62139,550
5153Shuqun PrSQP62049,540
5224Global Indian Int'l Punggol Team BGIP62139,050
5350Rulang Pr Team 7RLP62139,050
5431Ngee Ann Pr Team 2NAP61239,040
5543Rosyth Sch Team 5RSS61239,040
5651Rulang Pr Team 8RLP62138,050
5763UWCSEA East Team CUWC50238,040
5852Rulang Pr Team 9RLP61057,520
5949Rulang Pr Team 6RLP62046,540
6037NPS Int'l Team 4NPS61056,520
6120Changkat Pr Team 2CKP61056,520
6238Opera Estate Pr Team 2OEP60064,500
6354Singapore American SchSAM20020,000

Tie Break1: points (game-points)
Tie Break2: Matchpoints (2 for wins, 1 for Draws, 0 for Losses)
Tie Break3: The results of the teams in then same point group according to Matchpoints

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