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27. Deutsche Frauen-Schnellschachmeisterschaft

Last update 22.09.2019 13:32:00, Creator/Last Upload: gjo

Player info

NameNoll Sonja
Starting rank15
Rating national1703
Rating international1775
Performance rating1642
FIDE rtg +/--28,4
Club/CitySC Caissa Schwarzenbach
Year of birth 1973


165Brandt Carina20602002GERTV Fischbek Suederelbe4,0w 0
2812Lukas Anne18721920GERSK 1980 Gernsheim4,0s 0
310-bye-- --- 1
4513Freter Anke18281734GERSK Norderstedt von 19754,0w 0
5914Mader Lena17971798GERSC Ramstein-Miesenbach4,0s 1
6910WFMGermann Heike19942032GERSC Empor Potsdam 19524,0s 0
7816Wagner Margarethe17491821GERErfurter Schachklub5,0w 0
8318Schilay Eva16481714GERSK Neumarkt2,5w 1
9917Weimert Miriam17301895GERSG Turm Leipzig4,5s 0
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