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The Irish Championship 2019 Challenger

Last update 04.08.2019 20:45:02, Creator/Last Upload: ivanbaburin

Starting rank

1Whelan Niall2500809IRL1579
2Hensey John2508192IRL1558
3Honner Mervyn2504847IRL1524
4Arshakyan Arman2511983IRL1450
5Fitzpatrick Kevin2505886IRL1407
6Martin Desmond2506815IRL1367
7Paibir Atharva2512882IRL1361
8Beatty Desmond2507544IRL1322
9Barry Suzanne2507323IRL1290
10He Andrew2511290IRL1168
11Prasad Hari2511754IRL1155
12Grant David2512920IRL1123
13Van Den Belt HieronymusIRL1039
14Liu YonghengIRL908
15O'Cullieanain Oisin2514249IRL903
16Bueckert Lucy2513560IRL876
17Mulvey James2512866IRL873
18Liu Wenle2513110IRL829
19Ivanov Andrey2514311IRL749
20Bueckert Diana2513552IRL700
21Bueckert Helen368180184IRL700
22Han EricIRL700
23Liu BenjaminIRL700
24Polassery PavanIRL700
25Sklym Piotr21884196POL700
26Weng JunIRL700
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