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2019 UK Chess Challenge Southern Gigafinal Under 7 Boys

Last update 20.07.2019 19:01:34, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Weber Gus56Hampshire
2Catabay Rezin C48Essex
3Vinodhkumar Nivedh44West Anglia
4Dixit Sid41Hampshire
5Oyalood O Aathiran30Surrey East
6Sharma Harsh17Wessex
7Sykes Arran17Surrey West
8Hussain Asher7Cornwall
9Shapkin Peter1Hampshire
10Adams Charles0Sussex
11Alotaibi Khalid0North London C
12Baggalley Samuel0Sussex
13Choung James Alexander0South Wales
14Davies George0Kent Sandwich
15Davies Kairea0Gloucestershire
16Dokuchaev Dennis0Richmond
17Donegan-Huertas Lucas0Berkshire East
18Douglas Jack0Oxfordshire
19Durling Charlie0North London A
20Eyton-Williams James0Northants & Leics
21Field Theo0Sussex
22Fletcher James0Bristol
23Gill Veer0North London C
24Guise Jacob0Caterham
25Gupta Aditya0Sussex
26Halstead Henry0Caterham
27Hedges Sammy0Surrey East
28Henry Ludovic0London
29Johnson Oscar0Maidenhead
30Kido Anton0London
31Knight Sylvester0Kent Tonbridge
32Kumar Darsh0Harrow
33Liang Lucas0Richmond
34Lishoy Gengis Paratazham Dildarav0Richmond
35Liu Franklin0Oxfordshire
36Maheshwaran Arya0Berkshire East
37Manikandan Krishna0Berkshire East
38Masinghe Januda0Caterham
39McCloy Alexander0Buckinghamshire
40McDonnell Zack0Nottinghamshire
41Mckay Alexander0Chesskid
42Min Jihwan0Oxfordshire
43Neoliya Ved0Surrey East
44Ng Jacob0London
45Nithin Ishaan0Buckinghamshire
46Ou Peter0Kent Tonbridge
47Owens Alexander0Kent Tonbridge
48Pai Ting-Kai0Oxfordshire
49Pandey Drishaan0Museum Of Childhood
50Patel Madhav0Surrey West
51Paw Henry0Berkshire East
52Rao Dhruva0Surrey East
53Roderick William0Sussex
54Shah Prem0North London D
55Shrestha Unnabh0Scotland West
56Sippy Theodore0Surrey East
57Spellman-Welsh Lucas0Sussex
58Squirrell Baxter0Mercia
59Srinath Krishang0Surrey East
60Trescenkinas Rostislav0North London A
61Trotman Samuel0Sussex
62Wallace Edward0Surrey East
63Wang Gavin0Hampshire
64Weerapperuma Ruveesha0Oxfordshire
65Yang Boya0Caterham
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