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22nd European Team Chess Championship 2019 Women Section

Last update 02.11.2019 15:00:27, Creator/Last Upload: georgian chess federation

Team composition for federation LAT

  23. Latvia (RtgAvg:2242, Captain: Reizniece-Ozola Dana / TB1: 8 / TB2: 107,5)
1WGMReizniece-Ozola Dana2297LAT1160112401011½0½04,0923612318205,4
2WGMRogule Laura2269LAT116018760½01111004,592264226420-0,6
3WGMBerzina Ilze2216LAT11601345011½0002,572223212120-17,8
4WFMLimanovska Elizabete2186LAT116035420½½½1½3,0621972197201,2
5Golsta Madara1987LAT116073861½0102,55205420544015,2