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Rilton Cup 2019/2020

Last update 13.01.2020 13:52:21, Creator/Last Upload: Stockholms Schackförbund

Player overview for ENG

33IMEggleston David2404ENG½011010003,59310-15,10Cup
117Lohia Sohum1951ENG00½0001001,511540-45,60Cup

Results of the last round for ENG

Rd.Bo.No. NameGrRtgPts. ResultPts. NameGrRtg No.
Lohia Sohum41951 0 - 1 Apol Luitjen Akselsson42076
IMEggleston David2404 0 not paired  

Player details for ENG

IM Eggleston David 2404 ENG Rp:2239 Pts. 3,5
190WFMCholleti Sahajasri2216IND4w ½0,74-0,2410-2,40
2100NMWartiovaara Oliver2185FIN2,5s 00,78-0,7810-7,80
386Namini Armin2218SWE2,5w 10,740,26102,60
478Levi Netanel2247ISR3,5s 10,710,29102,90
559FMAbdrlauf Elham2328NOR4,5w 00,60-0,6010-6,00
684FMVitenberg Noam Aviv2230NOR4s 10,730,27102,70
776FMValkama Eero2249FIN5w 00,71-0,7110-7,10
863FMKenneskog Theodor2305SWE5- 0K
9-not paired- --- 0
Lohia Sohum 1951 ENG Rp:1749 Pts. 1,5
158FMKucuksari Kaan2337SWE5,5w 00,09-0,0940-3,60
288Efremov Vladislav2217RUS4,5s 00,18-0,1840-7,20
396IMChetverik Maxim2198RUS2,5w ½0,190,314012,40
494Balokas Dimitrios2209GRE4s 00,18-0,1840-7,20
5104WFMDumcheva Julia2173RUS2,5w 00,22-0,2240-8,80
6107Walia Namitbir Singh2144IND2,5s 00,25-0,2540-10,00
7115Savanovic Maksim2062BIH0,5- 1K
898CMJain Tanmay2193IND2,5s 00,20-0,2040-8,00
9114Apol Luitjen Akselsson2076FAI2,5w 00,33-0,3340-13,20