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Velemajstorski turnir „Selimir Manojlovic”2019

Last update 11.08.2019 10:55:45, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of central serbia

Starting rank list of players

10GMKosic Dragan900290MNE2483
9GMPikula Dejan906379SRB2437
5IMRadovic Janko911518SRB2430
8IMOzen Deniz6349196TUR2429
3IMRadovanovic Nikola900087SRB2414
4IMBenkovic Petar922641SRB2405
6IMAtakisi Umut6301037TUR2398
1FMLazov Toni15000770MKD2355
2Radovic Luka911569SRB2328
7GMKostic Vladimir G901482SRB2296
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