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Master Open Alekhine Memorial 2019

Last update 21.06.2019 14:51:12, Creator/Last Upload: makhnev vladimir (russia, kimry)

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMSavchenko Boris2567RUS 58b1 23w0 71b1 41b½ 29w1 11w1 6b½ 13w1 10b17,049,045,06
2GMVisakh N R2518IND106b½ 48w1 35b1 23w½ 36b½ 15w½ 32b1 14b1 5w17,047,043,55
3GMMaiorov Nikita2527BLR 70b1 37w1 12b½ 24w1 10b½ 31w½ 4w1 5b½ 9w½6,551,047,04
4GMRozum Ivan2572RUS 66b1 20w1 11b½ 26w½ 12b½ 18w1 3b0 33w1 27b16,551,046,55
5Nesterov Arseniy2423RUS 98b1 68w1 31b1 25w½ 11b1 7w1 10b½ 3w½ 2b06,550,047,05
6Utegaliyev Azamat2495KAZ 48b½106w1 22b1 67w1 25b1 10w½ 1w½ 12b½ 8w½6,550,046,54
7GMShaposhnikov Evgeny2572RUS 75w1 47b½ 29w1 33b½ 17w1 5b0 20w½ 40b1 12w16,548,544,55
8GMMeshkovs Nikita2550LAT 71b½ 69w1 34b1 18w½ 23b1 12w½ 33b1 10w½ 6b½6,548,044,04
9GMKryakvin Dmitry2586RUS 69b½ 71w½ 32b½ 43w1 27b1 26w1 13b½ 31w1 3b½6,546,542,54
10IMPavlov Sergey2473UKR 99b1 73w1 16w1 13b1 3w½ 6b½ 5w½ 8b½ 1w06,052,549,04
11IMRios Cristhian Camilo2513COL 28w1 44b1 4w½ 14b1 5w0 1b0 42w1 47b1 17w½6,052,047,55
12IMRuiz Castillo Joshua Daniel2472COL 72w1 96b1 3w½ 19b1 4w½ 8b½ 16w1 6w½ 7b06,051,548,54
13GMSvetushkin Dmitry2532MDA 51w1 42b1 17w1 10w0 41b1 33b½ 9w½ 1b0 36w16,050,045,55
14GMGoganov Aleksey2559RUS115b1 34w½ 27b1 11w0 35b1 24w1 31b½ 2w0 26b16,048,044,55
15GMFedorov Alexei2553BLR 32w1 36b0 28w1 81b1 47w½ 2b½ 54w1 17b½ 16w½6,047,543,54
16GMPuranik Abhimanyu2548IND 92b1 50w1 10b0 38w1 18b½ 36w1 12b0 41w1 15b½6,047,043,55
17IMGolubov Saveliy2460RUS 65b1 79w1 13b0 64w1 7b0 38w1 67b1 15w½ 11b½6,047,043,55
18GMPotapov Pavel2479RUS 94w1 53b½ 55w1 8b½ 16w½ 4b0 52w½ 60b1 37w16,045,042,04
19GMMoiseenko Vadim2525RUS 43b1 38w1 23b½ 12w0 50b½ 37w½ 74b1 39w½ 35b16,045,041,04
20GMHarutjunyan Gevorg2446ARM 95w1 4b0 76w1 85b0 75w1 53b1 7b½ 25w½ 39b16,042,539,55
21GMIljiushenok Ilia2549RUS 61w½ 85b0 77w1 55b½ 52b1 50w1 39b½ 24w½ 38b16,041,037,54
22IMTologontegin Semetey2386KGZ 83w½104b1 6w0 94b½ 76w1 67w0 87b1 58w1 31b16,038,035,55
23FMYeletsky Ivan2438RUS100w1 1b1 19w½ 2b½ 8w0 32w0 37b½ 86b1 51w15,547,044,54
24GMKabanov Nikolai2455RUS 57w½ 61b1 49w1 3b0 44w1 14b0 86w1 21b½ 28w½5,546,042,54
25FMAfanasiev Nikita2524RUS 82w1 81b1 85w1 5b½ 6w0 47b½ 34w½ 20b½ 29w½5,545,542,03
26IMBelyakov Bogdan2483RUS 76w1 74b½ 53w1 4b½ 85w1 9b0 47w½ 34b1 14w05,544,541,04
27IMKorchmar Vasiliy2419RUS 63w½ 88b1 14w0 51b1 9w0106b1 70w1 68b1 4w05,543,540,05
28Krivtsov Alexander2234RUS 11b0110w1 15b0 59w1 30b½ 35w½ 73b1 50w1 24b½5,543,041,04
29IMMakarian Rudik2383RUS 62b½ 97w1 7b0 48w1 1b0 87w½ 94b1 32w1 25b½5,542,539,54
30IMKopylov Alexander A.2427RUS 49w½ 57b½ 94w½ 86b½ 28w½ 51b0106w1 70b1 47w15,537,534,53
31GMShariyazdanov Andrey2526RUS 46w1114b1 5w0 75b1 54w1 3b½ 14w½ 9b0 22w05,049,045,04
32FMGrachev Alexey2293RUS 15b0102w1 9w½ 39b½ 60w1 23b1 2w0 29b0 80w15,047,044,04
33GMZakhartsov Vladimir2480RUS 87b1 64w½ 74b1 7w½ 68b1 13w½ 8w0 4b0 34w½5,047,043,53
34IMGrinev Valeriy2422UKR 56w1 14b½ 8w0 61b1 53w½ 49b1 25b½ 26w0 33b½5,046,542,03
35GMCherniaev Alexander2398RUS104w½ 63b1 2w0 46b1 14w0 28b½ 76w1 52b1 19w05,045,042,54
36FMRodin Dmitrij2403RUS102b1 15w1 67b0 87w1 2w½ 16b0 68b½ 69w1 13b05,045,042,04
37GMTunik Gennady2373RUS112w1 3b0 57w½ 72b1 40w½ 19b½ 23w½ 49w1 18b05,044,042,03
38FMSmirnov Timofey2335RUS 80w1 19b0 56w1 16b0 94w1 17b0 72w1 54b1 21w05,044,041,05
39IMSchekachikhin Maksim2424RUS 88w½ 49b0 63w1 32w½ 58b1 85b1 21w½ 19b½ 20w05,043,540,03
40IMOmelja Artem2451UKR 77b1 67w½ 64b½ 52w½ 37b½ 74w½ 48b1 7w0 41b½5,043,039,02
41GMKrapivin Alexander2431RUS 59b½ 93w1108b1 1w½ 13w0 70b½ 51w1 16b0 40w½5,042,540,53
42IMNozdrachev Leonid2395RUS 89b1 13w0 43b½106w1 67b½ 68w½ 11b0 48w½ 71b15,041,538,53
43FMSalman Pavel2252RUS 19w0 80b1 42w½ 9b0 56w0110b1107w1 90b1 54w½5,039,037,04
44FMDemianjuk Alexander2338RUS110b1 11w0 73b½ 45w1 24b0 48w0 57b½ 99w1 78b15,038,536,54
45Frolov Aleksey G.2095RUS114w0 46b½ 84w1 44b0 72w½ 91b½ 82w½ 76b1 90w+5,037,534,03
46Khubukshanov Erdem2260RUS 31b0 45w½ 97b1 35w0 89b½ 59w½ 62b½ 95w1 69b15,036,533,53
47IMUlko Jaroslav2438RUS 78b1 7w½ 52b½ 58w1 15b½ 25w½ 26b½ 11w0 30b04,548,044,02
48Gusarov Aleksey2231RUS 6w½ 2b0 83w1 29b0107w1 44b1 40w0 42b½ 60w½4,545,042,53
49WFMPetrukhina Olga2166KAZ 30b½ 39w1 24b0 74w½ 64b1 34w0 55w1 37b0 53w½4,543,539,53
50FMPolschikov Alexey2382RUS107w1 16b0 72w½ 57b1 19w½ 21b0 77w1 28b0 61w½4,543,040,53
51FMTsybikov Tumen2267RUS 13b0 89w½ 62b1 27w0 93b1 30w1 41b0 74w1 23b04,542,539,54
52IMObodchuk Andrei2316RUS108w½ 83b1 47w½ 40b½ 21w0 56b1 18b½ 35w0 59b½4,541,539,52
53FMSkatchkov Valery2318RUS103b1 18w½ 26b0108w1 34b½ 20w0 78b½ 59w½ 49b½4,540,538,52
54IMNikitenko Mihail2424BLR 93b½ 59w½ 92b1 70w1 31b0 78w1 15b0 38w0 43b½4,540,537,03
55WGMMaltsevskaya Aleksandra2316RUS 97b½ 62w1 18b0 21w½ 87b½ 73w½ 49b0 72w1 56b½4,540,037,02
56Skvortsov Andrei2123RUS 34b0115w1 38b0 69w½ 43b1 52w0 61w½ 75b1 55w½4,540,036,53
57Odegov Artem2208RUS 24b½ 30w½ 37b½ 50w0 69b0108b1 44w½ 64w½ 92b14,539,537,52
58FMIbadov Dashgyn2298RUS 1w0100b1 96w1 47b0 39w0 88b1 85w1 22b0 63w½4,539,537,04
59Ponomarev Grigori2177RUS 41w½ 54b½ 81w0 28b0 97w1 46b½ 91w1 53b½ 52w½4,539,536,52
60FMAnikonov Dmitry2372RUS 79b0 65w1 95b1 68w0 32b0 62w1 99b1 18w0 48b½4,539,036,04
61FMShoboev Dandar2288RUS 21b½ 24w0 98b1 34w0 95b0 79w1 56b½ 73w1 50b½4,539,036,03
62CMPingin Artem2108RUS 29w½ 55b0 51w0100b1101w1 60b0 46w½ 82b½ 91w14,538,035,53
63Kazmin Semen2117RUS 27b½ 35w0 39b0103w1106b0 66w1 92b½ 87w1 58b½4,538,035,03
64IMOkrugin Sergey2326RUS111w1 33b½ 40w½ 17b0 49w0 72b0 88w1 57b½ 89w14,537,035,53
65FMGeshko Aleksey2208RUS 17w0 60b0 80w½ 83b1 91w½ 75b½ 90w0 96b1 86w14,536,533,53
66FMMakoveev Ilya2304RUS 4w0 95b0112w1 88b½ 77w0 63b0 97w1107b1 85w14,532,530,54
67IMTsydypov Zhamsaran2573RUS 86w1 40b½ 36w1 6b0 42w½ 22b1 17w0 -0 -04,047,544,03
68GMVolkov Sergey2567RUS 91w1 5b0 82w1 60b1 33w0 42b½ 36w½ 27w0 -04,044,040,53
69FMTsoi Dmitry2310RUS 9w½ 8b0 88w½ 56b½ 57w1 77b½ 96w1 36b0 46w04,042,539,52
70Ter-Saakian Grigorii2262RUS 3w0112b1 90w1 54b0 81w1 41w½ 27b0 30w0 84b½4,041,039,03
71WIMTomilova Elena2289RUS 8w½ 9b½ 1w0107b½ 88w½ 96b0102w1 77b1 42w04,041,038,52
72Saksham Rautela2210IND 12b0 84w1 50b½ 37w0 45b½ 64w1 38b0 55b0 96w14,041,038,03
73Pogorelskikh Sofia2118RUS 90w1 10b0 44w½ 91b½ 86w½ 55b½ 28w0 61b0101w14,040,537,02
74IMSergienko Sergey2327RUS105b1 26w½ 33w0 49b½ 96w1 40b½ 19w0 51b0 82w½4,040,037,52
75FMPogorelskikh Sergey2299RUS 7b0 78w1 79b1 31w0 20b0 65w½ 95b½ 56w0100b14,039,537,03
76Zaika Daniil2231RUS 26b0105w1 20b0102w1 22b0 89w1 35b0 45w0 98b14,038,536,04
77IMDmitriev Igor2206RUS 40w0 86b½ 21b0 79w1 66b1 69w½ 50b0 71w0 97b14,038,035,03
78CMSamadov Read2191AZE 47w0 75b0105w1 82b1 90w1 54b0 53w½ 84b½ 44w04,037,034,53
79FMPogosian Georgy2070RUS 60w1 17b0 75w0 77b0 84w½ 61b0110w1101b½ 99b+4,036,034,03
80Pshmahov Osman2039RUS 38b0 43w0 65b½ 98w1 99b½ 92w½109b½ 94w1 32b04,036,033,02
81FMYeritsyan Aram2352RUS113b1 25w0 59b1 15w0 70b0 99w0 89b½ 98w½ 95b14,034,032,53
82CMMullick Raahil2252IND 25b0113w1 68b0 78w0111b½103w1 45b½ 62w½ 74b½4,033,031,52
83WIMRakshitta Ravi2111IND 22b½ 52w0 48b0 65w0100w½ 97b0103b1111w1 94b14,032,531,03
84IMProvotorov Ivan2342RUS 85w0 72b0 45b0113w1 79b½ 98w½111b1 78w½ 70w½4,029,528,02
85Yangutov Aleksey2049RUS 84b1 21w1 25b0 20w1 26b0 39w0 58b0 92w½ 66b03,544,541,03
86FMCherednichenko Dmitrij2304RUS 67b0 77w½ 93b1 30w½ 73b½ 95w1 24b0 23w0 65b03,540,537,52
87Ioffe Ilya2229RUS 33w0111b1114w1 36b0 55w½ 29b½ 22w0 63b0 88w½3,539,538,02
88Klimentov Roman2163RUS 39b½ 27w0 69b½ 66w½ 71b½ 58w0 64b0105w1 87b½3,538,035,51
89FMVolovich Vasily2113RUS 42w0 51b½ 91w½101b½ 46w½ 76b0 81w½109w+ 64b03,537,534,51
90IMSuleymenov Alisher2420KAZ 73b0 99w1 70b0 95w½ 78b0 93w1 65b1 43w0 45b-3,536,033,03
91WIMCervantes Landeiro Thalia2298USA 68b0 98w½ 89b½ 73w½ 65b½ 45w½ 59b0 93w1 62b03,536,033,01
92Kovalenko Sergey2269RUS 16w0107b1 54w0 96b0108w1 80b½ 63w½ 85b½ 57w03,534,532,52
93FMEfremov Vladislav2165RUS 54w½ 41b0 86w0110b1 51w0 90b0108w1 91b0107w13,531,529,53
94Asatryan Gor2227RUS 18b0103w1 30b½ 22w½ 38b0109w1 29w0 80b0 83w03,042,539,52
95CMManeluk Daniil2201RUS 20b0 66w1 60w0 90b½ 61w1 86b0 75w½ 46b0 81w03,040,036,52
96FMTchernyi Viktor2064RUS109b1 12w0 58b0 92w1 74b0 71w1 69b0 65w0 72b03,038,034,53
97CMVasilyev Alexey1972RUS 55w½ 29b0 46w0112b½ 59b0 83w1 66b0102b1 77w03,037,035,02
98WFMSavitha Shri B2144IND 5w0 91b½ 61w0 80b0112w1 84b½101w½ 81b½ 76w03,036,534,51
99Parfenov Viktor N.2212RUS 10w0 90b0110w½104b1 80w½ 81b1 60w0 44b0 79w-3,036,034,02
100Zhukov Anton2178RUS 23b0 58w0103b½ 62w0 83b½107b0113w1112b+ 75w03,032,030,52
101WFMKochukova Anna2215RUS -0 -0113b1 89w½ 62b0111w½ 98b½ 79w½ 73b03,030,529,01
102CMLystsov Leonid2116RUS 36w0 32b0111w1 76b0109b0105w1 71b0 97w0113b13,030,028,53
103AGMPokhvalit Alexander2014RUS 53w0 94b0100w½ 63b0104w1 82b0 83w0110b½112b13,029,027,02
104WFMBogachkova Alena2114RUS 35b½ 22w0106b0 99w0103b0112w½105b0 -1111w13,028,527,01
105Pavlov Mark2031RUS 74w0 76b0 78b0109w0 -1102b0104w1 88b0110w13,028,526,52
106Egorov Pavel2234RUS 2w½ 6b0104w1 42b0 63w1 27w0 30b0 -0 -02,544,041,52
107Volkov Roman2105RUS 50b0 92w0109b1 71w½ 48b0100w1 43b0 66w0 93b02,535,533,02
108Nur-Mukhametova Alisa1983RUS 52b½109w1 41w0 53b0 92b0 57w0 93b0113w0 -12,532,030,51
109GMDomogaev Sergey2365RUS 96w0108b0107w0105b1102w1 94b0 80w½ 89b- -02,527,525,52
110Sokolov Ilia2048RUS 44w0 28b0 99b½ 93w0113b1 43w0 79b0103w½105b02,033,031,51
111WFMKirchei Viktoriia2026RUS 64b0 87w0102b0 -1 82w½101b½ 84w0 83b0104b02,032,029,50
112Gasparian Haik2073ARM 37b0 70w0 66b0 97w½ 98b0104b½ -1100w-103w02,030,528,50
113CMNurgaliyev Sauat2055KAZ 81w0 82b0101w0 84b0110w0 -1100b0108b1102w02,027,025,51
114FMApryshko Gleb2376RUS 45b1 31w0 87b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -01,032,530,51
115Krivenko Sergey2297RUS 14w0 56b0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,028,027,00

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: The greater number of victories (variable)

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