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First Thursday - Rapid Chess Tournament 2019 July

Last update 05.07.2019 18:34:33, Creator/Last Upload: ös johann daxinger, ask nettingsdorf

Starting rank

1FMHebesberger Thomas DI.Dr.1603272AUT2264Sv Asvoe St.Veit/Glan
2IMKnoll Hermann1603809AUT2251Union Ansfelden
3FMHiermann Dietmar1602918AUT2243Sk Taufkirchen/Pram
4FMSandhöfner Florian1609106AUT2195Ask St. Valentin
5CMMostbauer Maximilian1626680AUT2185Ask Nettingsdorf
6CMBauer Sebastian1653709AUT2071Sv Hörsching
7Ganglberger Robert1617095AUT1962Tsu Vorderweissenbach
8Charaus Florian1631098AUT1955Ask Nettingsdorf
9WFMSchloffer Jasmin-Denise1631209AUT1900Ask Nettingsdorf
10Schuetz Johann1630202AUT1889Ask Nettingsdorf
11Reith Lorenz Dr.1271658GER1860Askö Leonding
12Hofstadler Mario1660497AUT1855Su Bad Leonfelden
13Daxinger Johann1613804AUT1849Ask Nettingsdorf
14Schmoll Werner1611550AUT1846Sc Traun 67
15Mujevic Sabahudin DI1647741AUT1843Ask Nettingsdorf
16Hubner Harald1629948AUT1787Ask Nettingsdorf
17Kepplinger Lukas1629980AUT1777Sc Traun 67
18Spitzl Robert1611070AUT1701Sc Ottensheim
19Grasser Rudolf1665545AUT1357Ask Nettingsdorf
20Dilly Julian1668820AUT858Union Neuhofen/Krems
21Giardino MaurizioITA0