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Rejting turnir ŠK Križevci

Last update 26.05.2019 14:35:58, Creator/Last Upload: šahovski savez

Starting rank list of players

5IRadić Antonio14531348CRO2081Šk Križevci, Križevci
1IIIvanek Davor14501139CRO1945Šk Križevci, Križevci
7IIIFrtalić Domagoj14551349CRO1895Šk Križevci, Križevci
6IIIMartić Filip14570815CRO1882Šk Križevci, Križevci
2IGarac Marijan14501040CRO1875Šk Križevci, Križevci
8ITurkalj Ivana Emili14559110CRO1826Šk Križevci, Križevci
4IIIKatalenić Patrik14570904CRO1814Šk Križevci, Križevci
3Kovačić Mateo14581965CRO1624Šk Križevci, Križevci