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2019 UK Chess Challenge Warwickshire Megafinal Under 7

Last update 19.05.2019 17:17:20, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Agarwal Arnav23Milverton House
2Chen Kingsley0Priory
3Chi Yingxi0Hallfield
4Chitre Anuj0Coventry Chess Academy
5Cowell Arthur0Crackley Hall
6Cowlishaw Theo0Crackley Hall
7Dubb Aayush0Mayfield
8Elledge Miles0Blue Coat
9Gandhi Preesh0Hallfield
10Ho Ezekiel Houyan0Coventry Chess Academy
11Hogarth Henry0Warwick
12Holt Edmund0Hallfield
13Hussain Muhammad Aadam0Hallfield
14Jones Harriet0wBilton Grange
15Kang Rubens0Warwick
16Kejriwal Rajveer0Priory
17Lidher Reuben0Warwick
18Mcging Thomas0Blue Coat
19Nahar Adit0Coventry Chess Academy
20Purushothaman Amitesh0Victoria Park
21Rendall Benjamin0Coventry Chess Academy
22Sacranie Zakariya0Eversfield
23Seamer Frederick0Warwick
24Sharma Patel Aaryan0Blue Coat
25Taylor Miles0Bilton Grange
26Vemuri Tarini0wBlue Coat
27Venkatesh Sai Prajan0Coventry Chess Academy
28Warne Leo0Crackley Hall
29Withers Oliver0Warwick
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