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Last update 16.05.2019 01:44:53, Creator/Last Upload: faramosky

Starting rank

1CASTRO Jose Carlo52109252083Far Eastern University
2AQUINO John Paul52442261964Polytechnic University of the Phili
3BARBOSA Mark Joseph1956Rizal National Science High School
4BARBOSA Emmanuel52301011880Casimiro A. Ynares Sr. Memorial HS
5ESTRELLADO Gene Kenneth52302091871Taytay Senior High School
6DOLFO Allan Ii1827AMA University
7RIVERA Joseph Lawrence52441371806National University
8ROMANILLOS Charlemagne52441451772Taytay Elementary School
9ROMANILLOS Shaina Magne52441531760wCasimiro A. Ynares Sr. Memorial HS
10TAROC Eugene1753Santolan Elementary School
11CARREDO Mar Aviel52301521720Bagong Silangan Elementary School
12ALCONERA Ellaine Bernadethe1666wWawa National High School
13ROAN Austin Klhoe1616Maximo Estrella School
14MARCELLANO Charls Leandro1601Casimiro A. Ynares Sr. Memorial HS
15PAGDILAO Precious Angel52418471580wBagong Silangan Elementary School
16ERLANO Rhenz Andrew52420021540Bagong Silangan Elementary School
17SIMON Aristotle52415531537Bagong Silangan Elementary School
18DELA CRUZ Shane0wBagong Silangan High School
19GRABATO Luell Ly0Highway Hills Integrated School
20MANGONON Kyrie Eleison0Isaac Lopez Integrated School
21MIRANDA Jin Clark Myco0Dolores Elementary School