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24th Sharjah Ramadan International Chess Championship 2019 - Blitz

Last update 18.05.2019 13:04:51, Creator/Last Upload: sharjah chess club

Player overview for AZE

1GMGuseinov Gadir2707AZE11111½1½18,01

Results of the last round for AZE

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMGuseinov Gadir27077 1 - 0 IMEl Adnani Mokliss2419

Player details for AZE

GM Guseinov Gadir 2707 AZE Rp:2516 Pts. 8,0
186WCMAmal Fadel S M Alshamsi1368UAE4,5w 1
253WIMNouman Amna1653UAE3,5s 1
326FMSohib Okla2074SYR5,0s 1
411GMArencibia Rodriguez Walter2364CUB7,0w 1
510IMAl Qudaimi Basheer2399YEM7,5w 1
68GMGrivas Efstratios2401GRE6,5s ½
79IMEl Taher Fouad2401EGY7,0w 1
87IMDimakiling Oliver2405PHI8,0s ½
96IMEl Adnani Mokliss2419MAR6,5w 1