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Dasoupoli Youth Chess Tournament . O.FI.S 2019

Last update 01.07.2019 19:02:53, Creator/Last Upload: cyprus chess federation

Starting rank

1Pantelides Loizos5903173CYP1406
2Kirkos Andreas5904927CYP1386
3Sarrou Konstantinos5906788CYP1171
4Anayiotos Alkiviades5905869CYP0
5Anayiotou Phebe5906253CYP0
6Christodoulides AlexantrosCYP0
7Georgiou MariaCYP0
8Giannos Marios5906512CYP0
9Kaniklides Vasilis5905907CYP0
10Kramvis Charis5906520CYP0
11Loizides Markos5906733CYP0
12Loyides Michalis5905915CYP0
13Marin Rompert5906296CYP0
14Mina ErotokritosCYP0
15Papaleontiou LeontiaCYP0
16Papaleontiou LeontiosCYP0
17Pataisias Ermogenis5906687CYP0
18Sarikas GeorgiosCYP0
19Skourides Lambros5905940CYP0
20Tseriotis AggelosCYP0
21Vrontou Nafsika5906300CYP0
22Xenofontos Panos5906547CYP0
23Zeilaa Petros5906555CYP0