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Club de Ajedrez San Rafael - Apertura Tercera Cat - In Memorial Miguel Fenske

Last update 03.06.2019 06:04:06, Creator/Last Upload: fada – comision tecnica argentina

Starting rank

1Morales JesicaARG1572
2Sierra HectorARG1553
3Fogliati HugoARG1544
4Marchan DavidARG1500
5Figueroa GonzaloARG1491
6Ochoa LucianoARG1481
7Jasen GustavoARG1469
8Russo JorgeARG1449
9Greulach FedericoARG1356
10Mondaca DiegoARG1355
11Trave ElvioARG1194
12Agosta Juan CarlosARG1000
13Alzaa SantiagoARG1000
14Rivero IsmaelARG1000
15Rodriguez JuanARG1000