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IA CM Robert Wheeler Open 2019 FIDE Open Section

Last update 20.05.2019 05:17:24, Creator/Last Upload: jamaica chess federation (llicense 3)

not paired

40Boyd, Stanford0JAMbye
18Brown, Raehanna1713JAM**
13Campbell, Kevron1828JAM**
9Christie, Michael1881JAM**
25WCMClarke, Adani1614JAM**
4CMCurriah, Malik2043JAM****
14Diedrick, Michael1799JAM**
22Edwards, Dujean1660JAM**
23Gray, Krishna1655JAM***
8Hinds, Nathan1931JAM*
39Jervis, Kevin1203JAM**bye
19Johnson, Obrian1708JAM*****
27Johnson, Remone1543JAM**
31Kidd, Aulanni1499JAM**
36CMLyn, Anthony1338JAMbye
38Martin, Shamir1205JAM**
5CMMellace, Andrew1983JAM*
12Nash, De Mario1835JAM**
2CMPorter, Russel2092JAM*
20Rodgers, Andryck1680JAM**
17Soares, Andre1734JAM*
35Stephenson, Amy1361JAM**
30Thomas, Carson1505JAM***
24Tracey, Shaun M1641ENG**
10Wilkinson, Ian1870JAM**
42Wilson, Howard0JAM**