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Seniorschack KM Snabb 2019

Senast uppdaterad25.04.2019 15:57:50, Creator/Last Upload: seniorschack stockholm


1Löwgren Björn1735535SWE1863
2Persson Kjell1717634SWE1723
3Stachowicz Janek1735519SWE1691
4Sjöstrand Tommy1725750SWE1671
5Eriksson Bo 19371708430SWE1657
6Andersson Lars-Owe1715208SWE1649
7Axelius Gunnar1744666SWE1648
8Lehvonen Jouko1750860SWE1625
9Dillén Sten1708210SWE1620
10Juntti Tord1719912SWE1579
11Israel Dan1749846SWE1560
12Juntti Lars-Ivar1725718SWE1509
13Jansson Arne1713370SWE1503
14Liistamo Jouko1749803SWE1497
15Welamsson Welam1725076SWE1472
16Hållstedt Leif1749838SWE1405
17Bergström Helge1725700SWE1398
18Andersson Lars-Johan1760246SWE1369
19Paulin Thomas1728415SWE1201