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8. IM 'ZNG 111'

Last update 16.01.2011 21:14:07, Creator/Last Upload: chess club rijeka

Starting rank list of players

3IMLoncar Robert14501325CRO2371
1IMDoric Nenad14501694CRO2367
8Saric Ivan14508150CRO2339
4FMBabic Drasko904422SCG2316
6FMCrepan Marjan14600102SLO2310
7FMDumpor Atif14400570BIH2309
10IMMedancic Rikard14500531CRO2290
2Savic Miroslav14508494CRO2254
9Ramesa Davor14507986CRO2226
5Troselj Teo14505924CRO2096
11Markovic Alen924024SCG2090