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National Chess960 2019

Last update 19.04.2019 11:00:43, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1FMLee Qing Aun5804167SGP2042
2Poh Xuan Rui Ethan5818184SGP1653
3Ng Sheng Feng5817803SGP1647
4CMNisban Cyrus5806003SGP1627
5Yin Haoran5811554SGP1598
6Chia Yu Zhe Ashton5821304SGP1494
7Ho Xinglun Royce5812763SGP1484
8Tang Yiheng5817331SGP1468
9AFMTang Ngai Juan Dixon5820855SGP1274
10Mak Xiu Ning Charlene5820332SGP1249
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