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1st Ghaem Cup International Chess Festival 2019 (U-14)

Last update 26.04.2019 12:35:03, Creator/Last Upload: iran chess-federation (licence 127)

not paired

80Bolboli, Mohamad0IRI*
117Kaviani, Amir Ali0IRI********
5Mathes Arachchi, Bhanila M1531SRI********
138Moradi, Abolfazl0IRI***
141Mousavian, Saina0IRIbye
147Nattajkordi, Mohammad hasan0IRI********
154Pourreza, Mahan0IRI*
179Shir Mohammadi, Asal0IRIbye
180Shirmohammadi, Arshia0IRI********
184Talebian, Amirali0IRIbye
185Toloei Tamirdash, Ania0IRIbye
188Yousefian, Amirali0IRI********
190Zinati, Hadis0IRIbye