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U12 Cyprus Youth Chess Championship 2019

Last update 21.04.2019 19:25:11, Creator/Last Upload: cyprus chess federation

Starting rank

1Antoniou Rafail5904390CYP1413Nicosia Chess Club
2Rouvas Filippos5905230CYP1257O.FI.S.
3Vermehren Nicolas5905010CYP1210
4Tornaritis Kriton5906202CYP1205Nicosia Chess Club
5Hadjidemetriou Evangelos5903750CYP1198Famagusta Chess Club
6Papastavrou Kyriakos5903386CYP1144Larnaca Chess Club
7Anastasiou Frixos5905451CYP0Arion Chess Club
8Economou MariosCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
9Hamad ZachariahCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
10Kadi AndrianosCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
11Kauslides SergiosCYP0Pafos Chess Club
12Lioudakis Evangelos5904765CYP0Arion Chess Club
13Makaridis RomaiosCYP0Pafos Chess Club
14Miltiadou DanaiCYP0Nicosia Chess Club
15Nourou AlexandrosCYP0Famagusta Chess Club
16Sachpazidis DimitrisCYP0Pafos Chess Club
17Saridis Pantelis5905486CYP0Pafos Chess Club
18Tatarinov Anton5905680CYP0
19Tosounidis AndreasCYP0Pafos Chess Club