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2nd Goa International Open Grandmasters Chess Tournament-2019 (Category 'A')

Last update 25.06.2019 11:05:38, Creator/Last Upload: arvind mhamal

Player overview for BRA

15GMFier Alexandr2543BRA11011½½½016,53710-10,50Cat A - Grand Master OPEN

Results of the last round for BRA

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
GMFier Alexandr2543 1 - 0 IMRahul Srivatshav P2395

Player details for BRA

GM Fier Alexandr 2543 BRA Rp:2446 Pts. 6,5
1138IMSahu Sekhar Chandra2121IND4,0s 10,920,08100,80
288Raahul V S2292IND5,5w 10,810,19101,90
362Sankalp Gupta2359IND5,5w 00,74-0,7410-7,40
495FMWagh Suyog2250IND4,5s 10,850,15101,50
565IMSidhant Mohapatra2351IND6,0w 10,750,25102,50
635IMKhusenkhojaev Muhammad2446TJK6,0s ½0,63-0,1310-1,30
748IMGusain Himal2404IND6,5w ½0,69-0,1910-1,90
849Koustav Chatterjee2404IND5,5s ½0,69-0,1910-1,90
972FMAnuj Shrivatri2336IND7,0w 00,77-0,7710-7,70
1053IMRahul Srivatshav P2395IND5,5w 10,700,30103,00