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17th Open Int. di scacchi Spilimbergo 2019 Open Master (Elo >2000)

Last update 15.08.2019 14:13:55, Creator/Last Upload: gerhard bertagnolli

Player overview for ISL

58Omarsson Dadi2252ISL0½110110½5,04323802027,40Open Master

Results of the last round for ISL

Rd.Bo.No. NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtg No.
IMRogulj Branko2410 ½ - ½ Omarsson Dadi2252

Player details for ISL

Omarsson Dadi 2252 ISL Rp:2380 Pts. 5,0
1-not paired- --- 0
292FMLuciani Valerio2128ITA0,5w ½20-3,40
3106Andolfatto Maria2044ITA3,0s 1204,60
4108D`angerio Alessandro2018ITA2,5w 1204,20
537FMDi Benedetto Edoardo2399ITA5,5s 020-6,00
633FMGschnitzer Adrian2410GER5,0w 12014,20
728IMAghayev Miragha2413ITA5,5s 12014,20
823IMSonis Francesco2459ITA6,5w 020-4,60
931IMRogulj Branko2410CRO5,0s ½204,20
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