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ukáž detaily turnaja

OPEN Tatry 2019, Tatranská Lomnica 28.9. – 5.10.2019

Posledná aktualizácia 05.10.2019 13:36:45, Creator/Last Upload: slovak chess federation

Konečná tabuľka po 9 kolách

Por.TMenoEloFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdBody TB1  TB2  TB3 
1FMBudisavljevic Luka2359SRB 25w1 36b1 29w1 14b1 2w½ 22b1 21w1 3b½ 6w½7,548,522566
2IMKrnan Tomas2408CAN 53w1 10b½ 40w1 8w1 1b½ 5b½ 26w1 21b1 3w½7,051,022085
3IMPetran Peter2242SVK 54w1 33b1 27w1 22b½ 24b1 21w½ 18b1 1w½ 2b½7,048,022235
4FMMotuz Karol2359SVK 38b1 16w½ 64b1 13w½ 9b½ 15w1 34b½ 46w1 17b17,046,521305
5FMJakab Bela2255SVK 42b1 56w1 21b0 50w1102b1 2w½ 6b½ 24w1 18b17,046,021466
6IMBiolek Richard2415CZE 66b1174w1 8b½ 21w0 47w1 30b1 5w½ 13b1 1b½6,548,021785
7IMVyskocil Neklan2306CZE 11w1 30b1122w½ 23b1 22w½ 13b½ 49w½ 25b½ 35w16,545,020894
8IMPiankov Evgenij2237UKR172b1 50w1 6w½ 2b0 70w1 25b0 28w1 53b1 30w16,545,019796
9Vojta Jakub2202CZE 71w1 57b1 14w0 76b1 4w½ 23b½ 75w1 22b½ 25w16,544,021185
10FMMatras Ondrej2176CZE 89b1 2w½ 16b½ 27w½123b1 46w½ 76b½ 52w1 22w16,543,020694
11Meers Hubert2026POL 7b0 60w½103b1174w1 84b1 26w0 51b1 74w1 21b16,540,520436
12FMLyell Mark2198ENG 27b0104w1 42b½ 91w1 46b0123w1 82b1 38w1 15b16,540,519816
13IMBorsos Bogdan2210UKR 80w1 23b½ 43w1 4b½ 14w1 7w½ 24b½ 6w0 46b16,047,522014
14IMLanc Alois2284SVK170b1 19w1 9b1 1w0 13b0 60w1 33b1 15w0 56b16,047,521136
15Privara Igor2169SVK113w1 22b0 63w1 79b1 31w1 4b0 23w1 14b1 12w06,045,521456
16Riha Vojtech2131CZE 77w1 4b½ 10w½ 31b0 94w1 68b1 22w0 70b1 61w16,044,020845
17Chlpik Martin2256SVK 57w0 45b1 61w1 39b1 49w½ 53b1 25w½ 34b1 4w06,044,020175
18Fiacan Robert2273SVK 23w0138b1 54w1 59b1101w1 28b1 3w0 49b1 5w06,044,019686
19Kovacik Emil2096SVK 79w1 14b0 77w½ 78b½ 88w1135b1 37w½ 26b½ 49w16,040,019844
20IMFranzen Jozef2238SVK 47b0 87w½ 58b1 28w0 93b1104w1 32b½ 80w1 55b16,039,518935
21FMLys Josef2177CZE 75w1 72b1 5w1 6b1 28w1 3b½ 1b0 2w0 11w05,552,021395
22FMVojta Tomas2363CZE 55b1 15w1 26b1 3w½ 7b½ 1w0 16b1 9w½ 10b05,551,522064
23Indriunas Matas2021LTU 18b1 13w½ 41b1 7w0125b1 9w½ 15b0 67w1 26b½5,547,020794
24FMJablonicky Martin2342SVK 76w1 40b½ 35w1122b1 3w0 43b1 13w½ 5b0 39w½5,546,521524
25Kopriva Martin2039CZE 1b0130w1107b1 26w½117b1 8w1 17b½ 7w½ 9b05,546,521024
26Hurdzan Tomas2229CZE 61w1 32b1 22w0 25b½ 97w1 11b1 2b0 19w½ 23w½5,546,520964
27Czajkowski Ryszard1984POL 12w1 51w1 3b0 10b½ 29w0103b1 44w1 35b0 74w15,546,021455
28Bogusz Alan1706POL165w1 75b1 32w1 20b1 21b0 18w0 8b0 47w1 36b½5,544,520475
29FMDaels Marc2226BEL 46b1 47w1 1b0 34w½ 27b1 48w½ 38b½ 55w½ 32b½5,544,520353
30Demeter Peter2117SVK119b1 7w0 85b½ 52w1131b1 6w0 60b1 48w1 8b05,543,020165
31Jandourek Lukas2262CZE 34b½ 82w½ 62b1 16w1 15b0 32w½ 47b½ 81w1 33b½5,543,020163
32Bosak Jan2030CZE 37w1 26w0 28b0130b1111w1 31b½ 20w½ 83b1 29w½5,542,020164
33Janos Ivan2095SVK 67b1 3w0 52b½ 48w½109b1101w1 14w0 99b1 31w½5,542,019884
34Koval Anton2019SVK 31w½ 74b½111w1 29b½129w1122b1 4w½ 17w0 41b½5,541,521123
35Dzikowski Michal2136POL 52b½ 73w1 24b0 67w1 95b½ 81w½ 85b1 27w1 7b05,541,519904
36FMRamik Zdenek2149CZE 63w1 1w0 91b½ 80b½ 86w½ 97b1 61w½ 79b1 28w½5,541,019583
37FMVojtek Vladimir2312SVK 32b0 78w½ 87b1 42w1 48b½ 58w1 19b½ 50w1 -05,541,019544
38Neumann Filip2036CZE 4w0107b0115w1 88b1110w1 79b1 29w½ 12b0 77w15,540,519675
39Splichal Stanislav2086CZE 69b½ 52w½ 72b1 17w0 58b0125w1114b1 62w1 24b½5,540,519074
40FMSejkora Vlastimil2144CZE163b1 24w½ 2b0 62w½ 87b1126w1 48b½ 76w1 -05,539,520184
41Skreno Vladimir2153SVK128w½141b1 23w0 57b½ 78w½ 83b1 54w½ 65b1 34w½5,538,519393
42Sosovicka Jakub2010SVK 5w0144b1 12w½ 37b0127w1124b0142w1103b1 81w15,538,019145
43Valencik Jozef2078CZE 78b½ 69w1 13b0 84w1151b1 24w0 81b0123w1 85b15,538,019105
44FMKolesar Milan2203SVK 82b½ -0124w1 46w0137b1107w1 27b0109w1 75b15,535,518855
45Sucharda Ondrej1879SVK 50b0 17w0150b0169w1160b1108w1112b½121w1 76b15,533,517735
46Hurtak Otto2004CZE 29w0151b½132w1 44b1 12w1 10b½ 59w1 4b0 13w05,045,521154
47Jablonicky Frantisek2008SVK 20w1 29b0 74w1 51w½ 6b0130b1 31w½ 28b0 93w15,043,020794
48WFMSevcikova Lucia1838SVK127w1 66w1 55b½ 33b½ 37w½ 29b½ 40w½ 30b0 53w½5,042,520782
49Soucek Jan1705CZE134b1163w½ 89b½ 73w1 17b½ 51w1 7b½ 18w0 19b05,042,520353
50Lukac Roman2076SVK 45w1 8b0 86w1 5b0130w½ 98b1128w1 37b0 68w½5,042,020134
51Zidek Vaclav2193CZE 65w1 27b0 68w1 47b½124w1 49b0 11w0 86b1 54w½5,041,519244
52Dvorak Vladimir1935CZE 35w½ 39b½ 33w½ 30b0156w1129b1122w1 10b0 66b½5,040,520193
53Gettler Daniel2052SVK 2b0114w1 78b½125w1132b1 17w0120b1 8w0 48b½5,040,518564
54Beran Petr2009CZE 3b0131w1 18b0123w½ 96b1151w1 41b½ 58w½ 51b½5,040,019573
55Mikusik Marian2041SVK 22w0 88b1 48w½ 77b½116w½ 86b1124w1 29b½ 20w05,039,519823
56Lecky Juraj2088SVK138w1 5b0 79w0 86b1118w1 77b½ 65w½105b1 14w05,039,519614
57WIMZemlickova Olena2010CZE 17b1 9w0125b½ 41w½107b½131w1 74b0 95w1 58b½5,039,519143
58Doucha Ludvig1828DEN154w½146b1 20w0 83b½ 39w1 37b0 90w1 54b½ 57w½5,039,518943
59Zatko Gregor2150SVK 85b0109w1 82b1 18w0 72b1 95w1 46b0 75w½ 73b½5,039,019614
60Hrebicek Petr1772CZE152w1 11b½ 80w0134b1162w1 14b0 30w0 71b½113w15,038,019354
61Cambel Vladimir2007SVK 26b0126w1 17b0131w½136b1132w1 36b½102w1 16b05,037,519074
62IMChubar Vladimir1951UKR 74w½162b1 31w0 40b½ 83w0146b1118w1 39b0105w15,037,019694
63Capak Stefan1941SVK 36b0117w1 15b0108w1150b½ 84w½106b1 64w0112b15,037,018314
64Steiner Bruno2139AUT141w½128b1 4w0113b1126w½ 75b0 77w1 63b1 -05,036,519734
65Plasil Petr1961CZE 51b0101w½ 81b½106w1115b1 74w½ 56b½ 41w0114b15,036,519263
66Bargel Martin2068CZE 6w0 48b0142w1 94b1135w0115b½116w1124b1 52w½5,036,018644
67Lesage Milan1923CZE 33w0 90b½154w1 35b0134w½111b1135w1 23b0118w15,036,017664
68Cibikova Sofia Anna1952SVK174b0112w1 51b0150w1 92b1 16w0 95b½126w1 50b½5,035,519044
69Olvecky Jaroslav1899SVK 39w½ 43b0 -0117w0100b1148w1151b½101w1102b15,035,517384
70Talpa Pavel1876CZE 93b½125w0176b1136w1 8b0150w½ 84b1 16w0120b15,035,516594
71Mandak Miroslav1993SVK 9b0106w0105b1151w½139b½ 92w½132b1 60w½104b15,035,017823
72CMTyda Krzysztof1883POL177b1 21w0 39w0111b1 59w0127b0153w1129b1110w15,034,018615
73Zemlicka Vit1949CZE162w½ 35b0129w½ 49b0155w1110b½140w1127b1 59w½5,033,018273
74FMValenta Vit2169CZE 62b½ 34w½ 47b0114w1 90w1 65b½ 57w1 11b0 27b04,542,019093
75Spik Peter1956SVK 21b0 28w0112b1 81w1105b1 64w1 9b0 59b½ 44w04,541,519714
76Bednar Jan2034SVK 24b0123w1106b1 9w0114b1102w1 10w½ 40b0 45w04,541,519584
77Chin F1935MAS 16b0150w1 19b½ 55w½108b1 56w½ 64b0 92w1 38b04,541,019423
78Mosny Jaroslav1882SVK 43w½ 37b½ 53w½ 19w½ 41b½ 90b½105w0111b1 83w½4,540,519061
79Rybka Simon1928SVK 19b0108w1 56b1 15w0158b1 38w0101b1 36w0 84b½4,540,518744
80WCMTurkova Karolina1999SVK 13b0 81w½ 60b1 36w½106b½112w½ 88b1 20b0 87w½4,540,019152
81Holicky Miroslav1741SVK171w1 80b½ 65w½ 75b0170w1 35b½ 43w1 31b0 42b04,538,019903
82Nemcova Karin1996CZE 44w½ 31b½ 59w0126b½140w1144b1 12w0110b½ 97w½4,538,019562
83Nowak Marek1664POL104b0171w1109b½ 58w½ 62b1 41w0 87b1 32w0 78b½4,538,018813
84Mroz Lena1609POL124w½118b1141w1 43b0 11w0 63b½ 70w0135b1 79w½4,537,519103
85Kucera Michal1944SVK 59w1122b0 30w½162b0145w1116b1 35w0 96b1 43w04,537,019794
86Stanko Ivan1848SVK 92b1177w1 50b0 56w0 36b½ 55w0147b1 51w0143b14,537,019474
87Hradsky Ales Jr1875CZE147w1 20b½ 37w0116b½ 40w0152b1 83w0133b1 80b½4,537,018873
88Cvirik Vladimir1824SVK 96w1 55w0139b1 38w0 19b0134b1 80w0 90b½140w14,537,017574
89Drabek Miloslav1955CZE 10w0129b½ 49w½101b0121b1105w0168w1106b1 94w½4,535,517343
90Striskova Lucia1398SVK105b1 67w½163b½119w½ 74b0 78w½ 58b0 88w½126b14,535,018862
91Sturc Jan1958SVK122w0116b1 36w½ 12b0133w½142b½115w½151b1 99w½4,535,018852
92Elias David1646SVK 86w0159b1 98w1128b0 68w0 71b½130w1 77b0124w14,534,018514
93Subjakova Kristina1682SVK 70w½154b0152w0157b1 20w0149b1 98w1128b1 47b04,533,517944
94Munk Lubomir1828SVK108b0155w1137b1 66w0 16b0139w1102b0150w1 89b½4,533,517514
95Kebis Milos1790SVK143b1170w½162w0156b1 35w½ 59b0 68w½ 57b0145w14,533,019163
96Wasik Jozef1602POL 88b0 -0159w1 98b½ 54w0165b1141w1 85w0123b14,533,017774
97Badura Peter1872SVK150b0157w1133b½164w1 26b0 36w0117b1120w½ 82b½4,533,017343
98Vaculka Pavel1868CZE133b½137w½ 92b0 96w½143b1 50w0 93b0136w1132b14,532,516923
99Klanica Anton1834SVK137b½133w½108b0139w½164b½158w1150b1 33w0 91b½4,530,516792
100Dorau Zygmunt1466POL101b0127b0153w0173b1 69w0161w1136b½147w1131b14,529,015674
101Bauer Jan1721CZE100w1 65b½128w½ 89w1 18b0 33b0 79w0 69b0152w14,038,518963
102Dobrowolski Henryk1523POL103w½135b½144w1141b1 5w0 76b0 94w1 61b0 69w04,037,019163
103Houdek Daniel1759CZE102b½176w1 11w0152b1 -0 27w0125b1 42w0121b½4,036,516633
104Palka Miroslav1869SVK 83w1 12b0110w½154b1122w0 20b0133w½152b1 71w04,036,018683
105Kukan Michal1718SVK 90w0153b1 71w0155b1 75w0 89b1 78b1 56w0 62b04,036,018084
106Karczynski Lech1724POL159w1 71b1 76w0 65b0 80w½113b½ 63w0 89w0156b14,035,518783
107Vymetal Milan1818CZE139b1 38w1 25w0170b0 57w½ 44b0110w0156b½134w14,035,518393
108Tesar Jakub1626CZE 94w1 79b0 99w1 63b0 77w0 45b0160w1118b0151w14,035,518244
109Salomons Lorenzo1856SVK145w1 59b0 83w½110b½ 33w0168b1127w½ 44b0115w½4,035,518192
110Trebicky Jiri1695CZE125b0160w1104b½109w½ 38b0 73w½107b1 82w½ 72b04,035,517942
111Repak Jan1686CZE161b1119w1 34b0 72w0 32b0 67w0166b1 78w0157b14,035,517424
112Kaminsky Ladislav1700SVK175w1 68b0 75w0153b1128w½ 80b½ 45w½113b½ 63w04,035,018312
113Gombar Peter1951SVK 15b0140w1174b½ 64w0149b1106w½126b½112w½ 60b04,034,518562
114Bracha Pavel1827CZE169w1 53b0127w1 74b0 76w0153b1 39w0159b1 65w04,034,018394
115Fejtek Petr1718CZE157b½167w½ 38b0168b1 65w0 66w½ 91b½119w½109b½4,033,517931
116Nahalka Jan1737SVK166b1 91w0158b½ 87w½ 55b½ 85w0 66b0164w1119b½4,033,017952
117Varga Alexander1692SVK173w1 63b0138w½ 69b1 25w0128b0 97w0155b½153w14,033,017633
118Mesaros Jan1820SVK136b½ 84w0167b½148w1 56b0164w1 62b0108w1 67b04,033,016873
119Muzikar Jan1933CZE 30w0111b0140w1 90b½152w½133b½129w½115b½116w½4,032,516971
120Hrabe Vojtech1256CZE140b0143w1126b0137w½138b1163w+ 53w0 97b½ 70w04,032,018123
121Zilkay Dominik1473SVK142w½132b0145w1124b0 89w0154b1144w1 45b0103w½4,031,517733
122Vorisek Jakub2182CZE 91b1 85w1 7b½ 24w0104b1 34w0 52b0 -0 -03,540,520533
123Mikulasek Viktor1804SVK149w1 76b0168w1 54b½ 10w0 12b0145w1 43b0 96w03,539,518743
124Starychfojtu Josef1827CZE 84b½136w1 44b0121w1 51b0 42w1 55b0 66w0 92b03,539,018713
125Janouskova Adela1246CZE110w1 70b1 57w½ 53b0 23w0 39b0103w0140b0173b13,537,518233
126Recky Norbert1759SVK153w1 61b0120w1 82w½ 64b½ 40b0113w½ 68b0 90w03,537,518172
127Gedmintas Darius1645LTU 48b0100w1114b0161w1 42b0 72w1109b½ 73w0 -03,537,517383
128Borovsky Adam1946SVK 41b½ 64w0101b½ 92w1112b½117w1 50b0 93w0 -03,537,018512
129Havran Jozef1717SVK158b1 89w½ 73b½163w½ 34b0 52w0119b½ 72w0148b½3,535,518401
130Bracok Stefan1819SVK156w1 25b0148b1 32w0 50b½ 47w0 92b0143w0166b13,535,517793
131Sosovickova Jana1760SVK155w1 54b0149w1 61b½ 30w0 57b0159w½134b½100w03,535,017272
132Zentko Ladislav1756SVK164b½121w1 46b0167w1 53w0 61b0 71w0149b1 98w03,534,517533
133Beno Milan1663SVK 98w½ 99b½ 97w½138b- 91b½119w½104b½ 87w0144b½3,534,018760
134Haasova Timea1346SVK 49w0156b½147b1 60w0 67b½ 88w0139b1131w½107b03,534,017422
135Hasek Tomas1758CZE176b½102w½164b½158w½ 66b1 19w0 67b0 84w0137b½3,533,516901
136Janik Marek Tobias1600SVK118w½124b0157w1 70b0 61w0141b½100w½ 98b0165w13,533,017352
137Rybar Peter1640SVK 99w½ 98b½ 94w0120b½ 44w0159b0171w½160b1135w½3,532,516891
138Marsina Stefan1904SVK 56b0 18w0117b½133w+120w0156b½155w½145b0159w13,532,016932
139Andras Anton1597SVK107w0165b1 88w0 99b½ 71w½ 94b0134w0171b1142w½3,532,016902
140Weber Andreas1698GER120w1113b0119b0166w½ 82b0167w1 73b0125w1 88b03,532,016613
141Vodicka Michal1936SVK 64b½ 41w0 84b0102w0175b1136w½ 96b0166w½164b13,532,016592
142Sajtlava Igor1723SVK121b½164w½ 66b0143w½167b½ 91w½ 42b0157w½139b½3,531,516600
143Dubnicka Ferdinand1565SVK 95w0120b0165w1142b½ 98w0145b0154w1130b1 86w03,531,016613
144Hoferek Svatopluk1767SVK168b1 42w0102b0149w½166b1 82w0121b0148w½133w½3,531,016482
145Lukac Dusan1654SVK109b0166w½121b0176w1 85b0143w1123b0138w1 95b03,530,017013
146Satnik Jozef1699SVK167b½ 58w0166b½160w1 -0 62w0164b½158w1 -03,530,015612
147Lukac Peter1679SVK 87b0 -0134w0165b½157w1171b1 86w0100b0168w13,529,515473
148Slivka Vasil1577SVK -0175b1130w0118b0171w½ 69b0165w1144b½129w½3,528,516512
149Blizman Marian1575SVK123b0161w1131b0144b½113w0 93w0175b1132w0167b13,528,016073
150Aleksandravicius Darius1673LTU 97w1 77b0 45w1 68b0 63w½ 70b½ 99w0 94b0 -03,038,518902

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Tie Break2: rating average of the opponents (variabel with parameters)
Tie Break3: The greater number of victories