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Prague International Chess Festival - Challengers

Last update 14.03.2019 19:57:25, Creator/Last Upload: czech republic licence 92

Player Overview of a federation

Overview for team CHN

10GMJu WenjunCHN2580½11½0½01½5,03Challengers

Player details

GM Ju Wenjun 2580 CHN Rp:2637 Pts. 5,0
11GMNguyen Thai Dai Van2546CZE4,0s ½Challengers
26GMMichalik Peter2565CZE5,0w 1Challengers
32GMParavyan David2627RUS4,0s 1Challengers
47GMAnton Guijarro David2643ESP6,0w ½Challengers
53GMPraggnanandhaa R2532IND4,0s 0Challengers
68GMBartel Mateusz2600POL2,5w ½Challengers
74GMShirov Alexei2667ESP4,5s 0Challengers
89GMStocek Jiri2592CZE4,5w 1Challengers
95GMKrejci Jan2570CZE5,5s ½Challengers