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8th National School Under 17 Open Chess Championship 2019 AICF Event code 208642/Cha/2019

Last update 07.04.2019 09:49:24, Creator/Last Upload: vasanth bh

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3  TB4  TB5 
1Yutesh P1889IND 8w1 11b1 4w½ 2b1 7w½ 6b½ 5w1 3w½ 13b17,00,045,049,538,005
2Aditya P Melani1881IND 14w1 13b1 3w½ 1w0 18b0 9b1 8w1 4b1 6b16,50,044,048,034,006
3Rupam Mukherjee1885IND 17b1 6w1 2b½ 7w0 12b1 4w½ 11w1 1b½ 5w½6,00,545,049,031,004
4Sarath Chandra K1807IND 15b1 12w1 1b½ 5w½ 6b½ 3b½ 13w1 2w0 7b16,00,545,049,030,504
5Abhishek T M1922IND 10b½ 17w1 9w1 4b½ 8w1 7b½ 1b0 6w½ 3b½5,50,046,050,028,753
6Avinash Hari1641IND 16w1 3b0 14w1 13b1 4w½ 1w½ 7b1 5b½ 2w05,50,045,549,527,754
7Babaria Rahil Pareshbhai1746IND 19w1 9b½ 18w1 3b1 1b½ 5w½ 6w0 12b1 4w05,50,044,048,027,754
8Debi Prasad Nayak1418IND 1b0 10w1 21b1 11w1 5b0 12w½ 2b0 17w1 15b15,50,041,544,523,255
9Cyrus Chhikara1484IND 27w+ 7w½ 5b0 10w0 19b1 2w0 14b1 16b1 11w15,50,040,544,524,255
10Aryan Garg1460IND 5w½ 8b0 16w½ 9b1 14w1 11b0 20w1 13b½ 12w15,50,038,042,025,004
11Shriman K1599IND 20b1 1w0 19b+ 8b0 16w1 10w1 3b0 18w1 9b05,00,041,045,021,505
12AIMAaromal R S1513IND 25w1 4b0 22w1 18b1 3w0 8b½ 15w1 7w0 10b04,50,039,040,514,754
13Adhidev K P1502IND 26b1 2w0 25b1 6w0 21b1 18w1 4b0 10w½ 1w04,50,039,039,511,754
14Naga Dileep Golla1223IND 2b0 20w1 6b0 25w1 10b0 17w½ 9w0 22b1 24w14,50,037,539,014,504
15Aditya Meshram1210IND 4w0 16b½ 23w½ 22b½ 24w1 20b½ 12b0 19w1 8w04,00,037,540,016,502
16Ashar Parth1179IND 6b0 15w½ 10b½ 17w1 11b0 21w1 18b½ 9w0 23b½4,00,037,040,016,002
17Yash Srivastava1231IND 3w0 5b0 20w1 16b0 22w1 14b½ 24w1 8b0 21b½4,00,037,039,514,753
18Sharan R S1734IND 22b1 21w1 7b0 12w0 2w1 13b0 16w½ 11b0 20w½4,00,036,539,016,003
19Rushil Kumar Alluri1201IND 7b0 26w1 11w- 24b½ 9w0 23b½ 21w1 15b0 25b14,00,033,033,59,503
20AIMBandikatte Shubham1162IND 11w0 14b0 17b0 26w1 25b1 15w½ 10b0 23w1 18b½4,00,032,533,010,503
21Tushar Gupta0IND -1 18b0 8w0 23b1 13w0 16b0 19b0 26w1 17w½3,50,035,035,511,002
22Vora Jainam1192IND 18w0 27b+ 12b0 15w½ 17b0 24b0 26w+ 14w0 26b13,50,031,532,08,503
23Kumaran Charan1353IND -0 -0 15b½ 21w0 26b1 19w½ 25w1 20b0 16w½3,50,030,531,08,252
24Dadisetty Yaswanth1230IND -0 -0 26b1 19w½ 15b0 22w1 17b0 25w1 14b03,50,030,531,06,753
25Sanam Sri Sai Sanjay1023IND 12b0 -1 13w0 14b0 20w0 26w1 23b0 24b0 19w02,00,034,535,04,001
26Aaryan S Thakur0IND 13w0 19b0 24w0 20b0 23w0 25b0 22b- 21b0 22w00,00,029,531,00,000
27Aniruddh Singh Yadav0IND 9b- 22w- -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,00,026,027,00,000

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break4: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable
Tie Break5: The greater number of victories (variable)

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