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Hart House Reading Week 2019 U2200

Last update 19.02.2019 02:23:42, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 34)

Rank after Round 3

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/City TB1 
11Jiang BrianCAN2099On (Vaughan)3,0
6Ning EricCAN2071On (Markham)3,0
19Liu HenryCAN1941On (Mississauga)3,0
42Zhao Jeffrey R.CAN2087On (Toronto)2,0
4Loadman IanCAN2080On (Toronto)2,0
8Zhao Jeffrey RenfeiCAN2043On (Markham)2,0
10Jackson NicholasCAN2001On (Puslinch)2,0
12Calvelo JelvisPHI1989On (North York)2,0
15Noorali AahilCAN1970On (Toronto)2,0
22Xu EddieCAN1913On (London)2,0
1116Khachaturov VadimCAN1960On (Toronto)1,5
17Bui AlanCAN1951On (Windsor)1,5
18Huang YouheCAN1943On (Thornhill)1,5
20Papneja ArulCAN1928On (Mississauga)1,5
21Malmsten ErikCAN1924On (Toronto)1,5
23He EmmaCAN1909On (Toronto)1,5
175Moffat AndreiCAN2074On (Scarborough)1,0
7Miller RachelJAM2070On (Ottawa)1,0
11Lentini JosephCAN1997On (St. Catherines)1,0
24Rusonik GregCAN1870On (Thornhill)1,0
25Abdelmalek FadyCAN1863On (Mississauga)1,0
26Nemati OmidCAN1832On (Waterloo)1,0
27Dela Torre MarifePHI1716On (North York)1,0
243Ma Yue RanCAN2084On (Toronto)0,5
9Back JeffCAN2021On (Toronto)0,5
13Gao RaymondCAN1985On (Toronto)0,5
2714Van Rooy JakeCAN1975On (Trenton)0,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)

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