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Hart House Reading Week 2019 Crown

Last update 19.02.2019 02:25:26, Creator/Last Upload: canada chess federation (licence 34)

Rank after Round 2

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/City TB1 
11IMNoritsyn NikolayCAN2484On (Richmond Hill)2,0
2IMSong MichaelCAN2432On (Thornhill)2,0
20CMIssani NameerCAN1952On (Toronto)2,0
44IMKrnan TomasCAN2425On (Burlington)1,5
5FMTalukdar RohanCAN2406On (Windsor)1,5
8FMPlotkin VictorCAN2311On (Thornhill)1,5
21CMAtanasov AnthonyCAN1938On (Oakville)1,5
86FMChiku-Ratte Olivier KentaCAN2384Qc (Montreal)1,0
7FMHua EugeneCAN2340On (Waterdown)1,0
10Noritsyn SergeyCAN2194On (Richmond Hill)1,0
11FMSapozhnikov RomanCAN2190On (Richmond Hill)1,0
15Xu HaizhouCAN2079On (Toronto)1,0
16Filipovich DavidCAN2054On (Toronto)1,0
18CMGaisinsky AdamCAN2001On (Windsor)1,0
19CMKang DorianCAN1992On (Aurora)1,0
22Li Eric MCAN1886On (Lasalle)1,0
23Rusonik MaxCAN1866On (Thornhill)1,0
183IMVavrak PeterSVK2427Fo (Slovakia)0,5
13Li WilliamCAN2172On (Scarborough)0,5
209FMDougherty MichaelCAN2217On (Etobicoke)0,0
12Dukic ZacharyCAN2177On (Fonthill)0,0
14Pace ChristopherCAN2112On (Maxville)0,0
17Javidfard AmirsalarIRI2003On (North York)0,0

Tie Break1: points (game-points)

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