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Eslam Abad Fajr Rapid&Blitz Cup (Blitz)

Last update 15.02.2019 19:23:12, Creator/Last Upload: ahmad rezaei ghaleh (fa)

Starting rank

1Shahmoradi Arash12515841IRI1909Kermanshah
2Fattahi Mohammad22550437IRI1698Eslam Abad
3Maleki Ehsan22553061IRI1616Eslam Abad
4Dezhdar Roozbeh22543120IRI1580Kermanshah
5Moradi Saeid12576263IRI1557Kermanshah
6Bagherabadi Sajad42508630IRI1553Eslam Abad
7Malekzadeh Mohammad42565049IRI1503Kermanshah
8Bahramzadeh Fariborz42525659IRI1464Eslam Abad
9Moradi Mohammad Soroosh22514708IRI1435Kermanshah
10Seifi Rasul42525748IRI1395Eslam Abad
11Taherian Sepehrdad42577276IRI1250Kermanshah
12Dezhdar Aria32708947IRI0Kermanshah
13Ivan Nezhad MehdiIRI0Eslam Abad
14Jozi Amir RezaIRI0Eslam Abad
15Mohammadi Ahmadreza32713320IRI0Kermanshah
16Rasoul FashiIRI0Eslam Abad
17Rezaei Faraz RezaIRI0Kermanshah
18Sahabazi KhadijeIRI0Eslam Abad
19Shahbazi Mohammad HesamIRI0Eslam Abad
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