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22. Kadetski festival ŠSCS 2019, grupa Ž14

Last update 17.02.2019 13:48:43, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of central serbia

Starting rank list of players

1IDinic Andjela974650SRB1656Vlasotince
2IIITasic Sofija980919SRB1565Aleksinac
6Djelovic InaSRB0Petrovac na Mlavi
7IIIMihajilovic Andjela987093SRB0Zaječar
3IIMilenkovic Iva989282SRB0Niš
4IIIMilic Gorana995290SRB0Resavica
8IIINikolic Anja983543SRB0Prokuplje
9IIINikolic SofijaSRB0Zaječar
5IIIPetrovic Julija992348SRB0Kruševac
10IVVeljkovic Vanja994260SRB0Niš
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