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71st National Schools Individual Chess Ch 2019 - Girls U16

Last update 20.03.2019 10:14:25, Creator/Last Upload: singapore chess federation

Starting rank

1Hng Mei-Xian Eunice5806585NGH1500West
2Cheong Sue Lyn5817820SCS1467Nort
3Choy Jia Ning Gillian5811279RGS1448Sout
4Tan Cae Lyn5774225ASI1292Intl
5Sum Sze Lok5825954DHS1184East
6Vedika Gupta5825881CGS1083Sout
7Tan Lisa5812992NJC1014Sout
8Adhvika MohanCGS0Sout
9Aw Jia Jun5828767PGS0Nort
10Azrah FathimaCGS0Sout
11Chepurthy VarnikaRGS0Sout
12Chia GiokCGS0Sout
13Goh Wenxin AbrialeYTS0Nort
14Li Rui Jia VannisYTS0Nort
15Lim Yu Hui LarainePLM0East
16Lim Yu YaoPLM0East
17Ling Sze Yee GladysNGH0West
18Liu Ze HuiNGH0West
19Moe Oo Phyu SinCGS0Sout
20Ngo Thu Giang12406449SCS0Nort
21Ooi Zi Ern Shannon5819750RGS0Sout
22Pooja Lingaraj BagalkotiRGS0Sout
23Quek Kai Ning AdeliahPLM0East
24Quek Kai Xin GracelynnRGS0Sout
25Raguraman SowbarnikaMGS0West
26Shen EnjiaNGH0West
27Tan Kai Lin Stephanie5818567MGS0West
28Tan Shuan Hui ArissaNAS0East
29Tang Min Xuen EvangelineRGS0Sout
30Teo Kelly5821835NJC0Sout
31Toh Lyn Li Christabel5826306MGS0West
32Vainavi PerumalPLM0East
33Wang Shi YingRGS0Sout
34Yeo En Qi ValeriePLM0East
35Zhu ZijiaoNGH0West
36Zhuang LingyiNGH0West
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