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Cupa 24 ianuarie Galati - rapid U10

Last update 24.01.2019 13:54:01, Creator/Last Upload: jugaru lucian

Final Ranking after 5 Rounds

Rk.SNoNameFEDRtgClub/CityPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Krtg+/-
11IIGales Randi-IoanROU1188Acs Genius Galati4,50,015,013,0208,4
22IIIordache Matei-StefanROU1128Acs Genius Galati4,00,015,514,020-8,4
36FCLeu Dragos StefanROU1003Cs Sah Club Galati3,50,014,513,0
44IVHaineala Iustin-PetruROU1070Cs Sah Club Galati3,00,014,013,0
55IVMunteanu Mihai (D.)ROU1033Cs Sah Club Galati3,00,013,012,5
69FCIorga Mihai-NicolaeROU1001Acs Genius Galati3,00,011,510,0
711Bejan IonutROU0Palatul Copiilor Galati2,50,515,013,0
83IIIorga Alexandru-GabrielROU1206Cs Sah Club Galati2,50,510,09,5
97FCEsanu Stefan-VladROU1001Cs Sah Club Galati2,00,012,511,5
108FCGrigorescu Timeea-MariaROU1001Cs Sah Club Galati2,00,012,011,5
1113Munteanu StefanROU0Cs Sah Club Galati2,00,010,510,0
1210FCPatrascu Maria-TeodoraROU1001Cs Sah Club Galati1,50,011,010,0
1312Coteata IoanaROU01,00,09,58,5

Tie Break1: Direct Encounter (The results of the players in the same point group)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)