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Concursul National Scolar de Sah "ELISABETA POLIHRONIADE" clasele III-IV etapa I-a BERESTI-TAZLAU

Last update 22.11.2010 07:37:27, Creator/Last Upload: Romanian Chess Federation (Licence 5)

Starting rank

1Burlacu MarianROU0Clasa a III-a - sat Turluianu
2Cata Florin-CosminROU0Clasa a III-a - sat Prisaca
3Cernat CosminROU0Clasa a III-a - sat Prisaca
4Ciangau AndreeaROU0Clasa a III-a - sat Turluianu
5Ciangau PetronelaROU0Clasa a IV-a - sat Turluianu
6Cobuz DragosROU0Clasa a IV-a - sat Tescani
7Gavrila IustinROU0Clasa a IV-a - sat Turluianu
8Horia-Mariniuc AmaliaROU0Clasa a IV-a - sat Romanesti
9Ioja Ana-MariaROU0Clasa a III-a - sat Turluianu
10Ioja VladROU0Clasa a IV-a - sat Turluianu
11Mocanu Sebastian-MarianROU0Clasa a IV-a - sat Romanesti
12Onescu FrancescaROU0Clasa a IV-a - sat Turluianu
13Onescu LauraROU0Clasa a III-a - sat Turluianu
14Paraschiv NicolaeROU0Clasa a III-a - sat Prisaca
15Prisecaru IoanaROU0Clasa a IV-a - sat Turluianu
16Prisecaru IustinaROU0Clasa a IV-a - sat Turluianu
17Spataru AndreeaROU0Clasa a IV-a - sat Turluianu
18Teleuca AdinaROU0Clasa a IV-a - sat Turluianu
19Teleuca VasileROU0Clasa a III-a - sat Turluianu
20Tilica BeniaminROU0Clasa a III-a - sat Turluianu
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