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14th AICFB National A Chess Championship for Visually Challenged 2019 206288/AICFB/2019

Last update 13.01.2019 06:40:05, Creator/Last Upload: vidhatri lakshmi

Player info

NameMarimuthu K
Starting rank2
Rating national0
Rating international1563
Performance rating1816
FIDE rtg +/-150,4
Club/CityT N
Year of birth 2001


113Soundarya Kumar Pradhan1819INDOdisha7,5w 1
21Patra Subhendu Kumar1686INDOdisha9,5s 0
314Patil Shirish1673INDMah4,5w 1
43Makwana Ashvin K1747INDGuj8,0w 1
54Krishna Udupa1697INDKar9,0s 0
65Aryan B Joshi1863INDMah9,5w ½
76Prachurya Kumar Pradhan1634INDOdisha7,0s 1
87Hariharan Gandhi1448INDT N0,0- 1K
98Shashidhar K M1522INDKar5,0s 1
109Kishan Gangolli2008INDKar10,0w ½
1110Swapanil Shah1634INDMah5,0s ½
1211Kavlekar Sanjay R.1812INDGoa4,5w ½
1312Waghmare Sachin Lahu1557INDMah3,0s ½
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